Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My hair loves being back in Arizona.  It's straight, and soft, and generally very well behaved here.  The humidity of South Carolina sometimes frizzed it no matter what I did so I think my hair is glad to be home.

Everything else is dry, too, which is taking a little getting used to.  My nose is dry.  My mouth is dry.  My sinuses are dry.  My skin is dry.  We had a pretty impressive storm blow through the area late yesterday afternoon (no real impact here, but still very impressive!) and temperatures today are in the mid-80's so it's actually very pleasant.  But still, I'm dry.

The 2011 Out and Equal Workplace Summit is happening in Dallas this week (Flickr photos).  This is the second year in a row that I've missed it but based on everything else that has been happening in my world there's more need to enjoy a little down-time than to get back on the road again.  I enjoy reconnecting with friends there, and the collective energy of 2000+ corporate advocates from around the world is something you've got to experience to "get".

I also think it's representative of the good balance in my world right now.  I'm training for the 2011 US Sr. Women's Wrestling Championships in Dallas in December, my world got turned upside down when I met Tracy, I'm doing some training over the next few months, my career seems to be solid right now, my health is good, and all things considered I'm very careful about letting myself get pulled in too many directions.  The key is recognizing that sometimes you can't do everything and to get comfortable with letting things you've traditionally done go.  I'm still working at that, but it's getting better.

There was a news story earlier this week about a young trans child who was told "no" by the Girl Scouts in Colorado.  Well, after further review the Girl Scouts released a statement indicating that their policy is actually to support and welcome trans kids (details).  I figure that this will get lots of discussion and airplay for a few days.  Expect Fox News faux-psychologist Keith Ablow to swallow his tongue over this one...

It may even overshadow the fact that Chaz Bono was eliminated from DWTS last night (details).

Anyway - I digress.  I was talking about balance....

I brought Maggie back across country with me.  She was born near Phoenix so this is actually "home" for her, too.  Mags has been an only dog for 8 months now, ever since my son took Codie to be with him in Austin.  In all honest, I think she has been happier as an "only dog" as there's no competition for attention or affection.  And I do think she enjoyed our time together in Charleston.

But just as I'm very much in uncharted territory right now so too is she.  She's part of a "pack" - Tracy has 4 wonderful dogs.  I think we were both a little wary about how she'd be accepted or how she'd take to the multitude of tails and tongues but I can say without reservation that she's done better than I imagined.  The group has warmed to her, and she very much seems part of the gang at this point.  I'm tremendously happy for her (and relieved too).

I'm finishing up work and getting ready to head for the fitness center for a run.  Some things never change...   :)


Sophie Lynne said...

Did i miss the part where you actually moved? Or didn't you?

And will the Caped Crusaders find a way out of this dastardly trap?

FJ said...

We have 3 dogs. I mentioned to my wife that we hadn't taken our son's dog or our daughter's dog to the dog park since we got them, something we used to do all the time with our oldest dog. Her response "Honey, we have our OWN dog park."