Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

I feel like I've been in a food orgy since weigh-in on Friday.  It seems like I've been doing non-stop eating, only briefly interrupted by the wrestling tournament on Saturday.  It's odd to realize that on Friday afternoon I was perhaps the lightest I've been in my adult life (~156 lbs) and now I'm feeling like a blob.  But between re-plenishing my energy, treating myself to things I've denied for a while, and general Holiday "treats" I'm feeling constantly full.  I need to stop...

This is only a brief vacation from training.  The next Olympic qualifier tournament is in early February at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.  There are 2 events in March as well.

I'm really not planning on doing anything for Christmas.  I briefly considered going up to Rochester to see my sister and brother but upon further review, I just need some down time.  I may head up there over New Year but will make that decision over the next few days.  Instead, I'll relax here, I've been invited to a friend's for dinner, and I'll just make it a low-key weekend.  I need more of those.

The weather here lately has been fine.  Highs this week so far have been in the mid-70's, but change is expected overnight and it looks like rain into the weekend.  Not for nothing, but I'd rather have a "wet" Christmas than a "white" one.  Romantic notions of cold and snow over the Holidays ended for me a long time ago.  Still, with all this nice weather it just doesn't "feel" like the Holidays.

I had to have my cute little nose ornament removed at the piercing studio tonight.  Something in the process of taking it out at the wrestling tournament and getting it back in again caused some complications and taking it out was the most reasonable option.  Anyway - if I want to go thru it all again I can wait for 4 weeks until it heals up and then re-pierce.  At this point, I'm thinking not but we'll see.  All that's left is a little hole, and a little blood.  I did like it, though.  :-\

Dr. O has his "official" website online.  Finally (see it here).  I' remember all those years ago when I stumbled upon Andrea James' website and she featured detailed photos (long since gone) documenting her amazing Dr. O experience.  It provided one of those "Holy Sh*t" moments that helped change the balance from convincing myself I could never transition to realizing that I could.  Anyway - if I have one more procedure left in me - he's the man I'll want to do it.  But, it'll have to wait until wrestling is over.

The fall-out from the situation in Colorado from a few weeks ago where the Girl Scouts there were flip-flopping on whether or not to admit a young trans child is still settling, as expected.  A recent article says that some scout leaders - in a whole other state, mind you - have resigned, and have dissolved their troops (details here).
Jeff Johnston, a social issues analyst specializing in homosexuality and sexuality at Focus on the Family, told Baptist Press that the Girl Scouts' practice of admitting transgendered children has implications for other girls in the troop. It can lead to gender confusion, and already some parents have contacted Focus with concerns over Girl Scout camping trips with boys pretending to be girls.
It still amazes me that people can honestly believe that seeing a trans child can somehow cause another child to get "confused".  It's indicative of just how fragile some people are about this - that to even recognize that it exists is going to somehow lure some young, impressionable mind over to the dark side.  Yeesh.  Anyway, it seems to me that if these parents are resigning they're probably not the right people to be leading in the organization anyways.  Bye bye.

As for me - I'm just working (and loving what I'm doing).  I need to get back to the gym.  I'm enjoying a little down time.  And all things considered - balance is good.

I think I'll go to the movies over the next few days.  The new MI movie looks good.  I might go see "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", also, but that's certainly not holiday "feel good" material.  More in the "feel good" vein is Matt Damon in "We Bought a Zoo".

Anyway - onwards.  Thursday awaits.  And I'm ready for bed....

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