Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's time for me to renew the domain and the hosting for again.  And, for some reason, although they're not physically connected that has me considering the future of my blog again.

I started my blog in 2004.  It was simply another web-page linked off my website and was meant to serve a few specific purposes.  One was to provide ongoing updates to the website to show that it was still alive....that someone was actively updating it on a regular basis.  Another was to provide additional detail into some of the advocacy efforts in which I was involved.  As I got deeper and deeper into things with HRC, GLAAD and others one of the things that seemed missing (especially duiring ENDA) was the backstory. 

Additionally, though, the blog has provided an outlet for me to express myself.  There are times that I have needed that.

So, over the years it has morphed into a number of things depending on what has been going on in my life.  Life has changed.  My life has changed.  Things in general have changed.  Blogs have become much more common, and so too has the number of transpeople sharing their lives online.  Most of my formal advocacy efforts are now being championed by others, which is as it should be.  New technologies like Facebook and other social networking tools have provided additional platforms for connecting and sharing.  And it is in this contect I'm left wondering - is it worth it?

I've written tens of thousands of words in my blogs over the years.  I could probably turn them all into a full-length book if I wanted.  Although I'm generally pretty careful about what I say or share here it's still a window into my world.  If you read what I write you'll know how I think and how I talk...they're all connected. 

So - back to the question at hand.  What is the future of the blog?  I'm not sure, other than to say it will change from what it is now.  I do expect to do more video stuff, and I'd like to share more photography so this may become more focused on other mediums.  There's no pressure to make any decision right away and it won't happen overnight, but change happens and now it's time for this to change, too.

A friend arrived in town yesterday and will be here for several days to attend some meetings.  We spent the afternoon downtown having lunch, we got pedicures, and after we got home we watched the DVD for "The Tree of Life".  It's quite the deep movie, and I'll need to watch it again to soak it in. 

So - that's it for today.  Short and sweet.  Today = breakfast, gym, shopping, beach, getting ready for football, and SuperBowl.  My heart goes out to everyone stuck in the snow storm that moved through the central part of the country recently, or stuck somewhere cold.  We're expecting near record warmth near 80 degrees.  Rock on.  :)


Mae West said...

Donna, I really hope that you continue with you blog! I don't think that Facebook or any other social networking tools could ever take its place.

Sophie Lynne said...

I'll second Mae's comment