Thursday, March 6, 2014


Shortly after I woke up this morning, in between my first cup of coffee and hopping into the shower, my apartment went dark.  I mean, absolutely, totally dark.  It was still an hour and a half before sunrise and the weather can't take the blame for this one.  Maybe someone forgot to pay the electricity bill for the complex - dunno.

The good news is that my still somewhat chaotic apartment is more settled than not so my very generous supply of candles is already out and about.  More importantly, I know where I put the lighter that only gets used on these kinds of occasions.

My various candles fill the air with gentle aromas, so that even though the outage only last 15 or 20 minutes the scents remain.  It's actually very pleasant.

When the power went out I had two immediate thoughts.  (1) Thank God I already made the coffee and (2) Uh oh, what about my blow dryer.  At that hour of the morning my thinking is pretty simple.

On to other topics...

Enough already with the Jared Leno bashing.  Jeez.  Aren't there other more pressing things to complain about? I realize that most of this is misplaced anger that there aren't more parts for trans actors and actresses.  I get that.  But that's not Mr. Leto's fault.  I also realize that some may not like the character he portrays, and that's not his fault either.  He's an actor.  He acts.  Act = Pretend.  I myself pretended for the better part of 40 years.

At work I've arranged for members of my team to come to Charlotte from all over North America for a couple of days of meetings.  They are scattered around the US, Chile, Brazil, and Canada.  The resource from Brazil won't be there - Carnivale started yesterday.  I don't think it was a difficult decision - Carnivale craziness or 2 days of work meetings in chilly Charlotte?  Simple choice.

One of the guys arrived from Chile yesterday.  It was nice to finally meet him.  I expected that we'd shake hands as is pretty traditional in a workplace.  But no - apparently in Chile they're huggers.  Fine by me.  There's just not enough hugging at work these days.

After work tonight I'll drive to Charleston.  Already looking forward to being home.  :)

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Kaye Fox said...

HI Donna,

I am glad t hear you are settling in. Moving can be such a pain. I moving again this summer....same general area.

I bet you are glad to being out of the winter of the NOrthwest. I know I would be.

How are your pups? Well I expect.

LIsa went to some colon test on Thursday passed with flying colors. Thank God. She has be one sick cookie for the last six months.

Take care, need to have lunch some time.

Take care,
Kaye xxx