Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A different M

Irony is everywhere.

I took my DMV skills assessment yesterday.  If I passed, I'd get my motorcycle license.  If not, well, I'd need to try again under less familiar and comfortable circumstances.

I passed.  Honestly, it was easier than the skills assessment I had to do on Sunday to get my Motorcycle Safety Foundation card.  Under most circumstances I would have been able to do it 90 times out of 100.  But it's the tension of it that makes it more difficult.  I didn't realize how tense I was until after it was over and I had to sign my name.  I was still shaky.

So - back to the irony thing...

Here in South Carolina when you pass your motorcycle test you don't get a motorcycle license.  You get an additional category of vehicle added to your license.  In fact, they do give you a new license but the thing you need is that added endorsement for motorcycles.

One of my classmates and I went straight over to the DMV after passing our tests to get our licenses.  We were still sweaty from the helmets and the 90-degree humid weather so any thought of a flattering photo was pretty much out of the question.  Too bad, too, because I REALLY liked my old license picture.  I've got a newer photo on my learner's permit that's not horrible, but not nearly as nice as the license.

Anyway, the key to this whole thing is to get an "M" added to the license.  The "M" stands for Motorcycle.  I couldn't help but remember how excited I was to get my "M" taken OFF the license almost 15 years ago to the day.  Thankfully - this was a different "M".

Well - they processed the paperwork, took the picture, and I had a brand new license in my hand.  But there was a problem.  No "M".

Helmet Head

I showed it to the lady who took the picture who sent me back to the woman who processed the paperwork who re-did everything.  This time they didn't take a picture - they used one of the others.  I really didn't care...when I walked out of there I had my "M".

On the down-side I took my NC Real Estate Licensing Exam today.  I could miss 10 questions and pass.  I missed 11.  I'll need to do it again....  Sigh.  Perhaps it's a balance thing.  Regardless, I'll take it again mid-month.

Now that I've got those things out of the way my sights are squarely fixed on my upcoming trip to Phoenix.  My flight leaves tomorrow.  Know what I'm going to to on the plane?  Right.  Study.


Carolyn Ann Grant said...

Congratulations! Now go forth and Ride! :-)

Leslie said...

I don't know how you do it all. I look forward to each and every blog entry. I am excited that you live life to the fullest. It offers me hope and encouragement.