Sunday, August 1, 2010

Geek You!

I think one of the more important life skills is to know your limitations - know what you're NOT good at.  I'd suggest that your limitations are probably much farther out than you think, but in one capacity or another they're there.  As for me, one activity that is outside of my ability to do in a way that is satisfactory to me is to paint my toe nails.  No matter how hard I try it just never comes out the way I like.  When I go to the salon it's just bip-bap-boop and it's, like, a perfect job.

Why is this important today?  Well, I tried to do it myself.  I guess I either forgot how miserably I fail at it or I was hoping that perhaps I've progressed to a point where I could magically actually do it.  Nope.  I still suck at it.

I can do other people's toes just fine.  And, I can do other more complicated things like cool wrestling moves but this one thing has always been a stumper.  Somehow, it's the combination of being left handed and the awkward way of how you have to put your own foot that's next to impossible unless you're double jointed.  Anyway - thank God for acetone.  It's like a magical eraser, so now everything is back to "normal" again.  I'll go to a salon and stop the madness of thinking I can do it by myself.  What was I thinking???

I'm having fun mapping and re-vamping my website with newer technologies and tools.  When I first started it things were very rudimentary and, frankly, I liked it that way because it kept things simple.  Now things have changed quite a bit so I'm messing with Cascading Style Sheets and PHP and Drupal and other cool stuff.  I admit it - I'm a geek at heart and all this stuff is feeding my inner geek; she's been stuck in the closet for a number of years.

For most of my career I had been a computer developer specializing in a number of things but the best part of it all was the fun of being able to "create".  Writing and photography are aspects of my life that feed my creative side, and so too was the programming aspect of my career.  In 2000 I was asked to take a role as a Project Manager and figured I could get back into the technical side of things when the project was over.  I was kinda naive, I think, and by the time I was ready to get technical again the technology had passed me by and I had somehow been forever marked as a PM.  Oh well - redoing my website is helping to get some of those creative juices flowing again.  It's all in "test" mode at the moment so there's nothing available to show yet.  I'm still working it all out.

Today's Song:  Facebook has  become quite the interesting "experience" lately.  I've reconnected with family there.   I've found long-lost high school friends (or, they've somehow found me).  I've made some new friends.  I've met some creepy people who have no class and are NOT cool.  And, I've connected with musicians I've followed for years who have a presence there.  That's way cool.

One particular musician is Jonatha Brooke.  I first found her while living in Rochester way back - probably around 1991 or 1992 - when she was part of a group named "The Story".  They had a song that was getting airplay on a little radio station that I particularly liked so I bought the CD and have followed her work ever since.

She seems like someone I'd enjoy meeting in person.  I'm just saying....

Here's another song.  I was driving the other day and a Rob Thomas song that I've never heard before started playing.  He's one of those artists who seems to do everything right - wonderful voice, good tunes - ever since his Matchbox 20 days.  Anyway, the beat is exactly the speed of my feet on the elyptical trainer so I downloaded it.  :)

Good Stuff.


Stace said...

Yeah, it doesn't take long to loe touch with the latest technology does it?

I've been a PM for a couple of years now, but have a small project to do now, I suspect it's going to take me longer to do than it would a couple of years ago :)


sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

It's the angle's Donna No one does their own toes very well it's just to hard to pull the brush away from the toe at the right angle to get the polish to lay down smoothly and it's a great excuse to go have a pedicure.

Jenny said...

Don't talk to me about toenails! The 3D perception is not strong here.

I count myself fortunate to make a living not working but playing with the latest technology the Internet has to throw at me. I dread the moment I have to step off that particular bus because I know I could so easily miss the next one.