Monday, November 8, 2010

Lots. Going. On.

It's 6am on Monday morning.  My most pressing need going into the weekend was to make some long-term living arrangements - I'm still living out of a hotel room.  No progress has been made in that regard - not because I looked and didn't find anything but because I realized on Friday that a more immediate need was to spend a little down time after all of the hubub in my life recently.  So I took a bit of a road trip to spend time in a warm place with a friendly face.  It was much needed and much enjoyed.

Life is in high gear.  Over the next couple of weeks I've got a speaking event at the University of Delaware.  I've got a wedding to attend in Rochester next weekend.  I've got the NGLCC National Dinner in Washington DC a week from Friday, and then I'll be at the DOR event on the steps of the State Capitol Building here in Harrisburg on Saturday the 20th.  I've done some media stuff so that'll be hitting the world over the next few days - I hope they came out well.  The schedule is full of a number of other things, as well - lots going on.

Plus - did I mention that I need to find someplace to live?  That's a big deal right now.

I find it interesting that I was faced with an opportunity to get away for a day and a half - which was totally a spur of the moment thing and involved more time in the car.  Or,  staying put and taking care of business.  It's not as obvious a choice as you'd think and, in fact, what ended up happening was a bit of a surprise even to me.  The good news is that I haven't grown past the stage of enjoying surprises - especially ones as pleasant as this one turned out to be.  Long story short - I had a very nice weekend.

I did an interview on Friday and was asked some refreshing new questions.  Questions about spirituality, and the changing nature of relationships.   I actually enjoyed having the chance to talk about some of that stuff.  As you'd expect there were some questions about the state of some of the work I've done - HRC, NGLCC, etc.  They also asked about my own expectations for how soon ENDA may get passed and I was honest in that I'm not optimistic to see it any time soon - not simply in terms of months but years.  Many years.  The realistic window of opportunity has closed and given the political landscape right now it may be shut for a while.   I also said that I'm not sure that ENDA will be the be all-end all that some make it out to be but that's a longer discussion.  Either way - between now and whenever the window opens again we've got lots of work to continue to do.

Remember that blog post by a woman defending her child last week?  It has made quite the splash.

The fact that the psychologist says that the reaction of having parents confront this mother was a "natural" reaction is ridiculous.  This guy lost any credibility in my book as soon as he said that.

Other than that I don't have much more to say today.  I need to get ready for work.  As I say - lots going on.

The good news is that I'm feeling good and doing well - inside and out.

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