Sunday, May 8, 2011

5 nights

I've spent the last 5 nights in different beds, and 4 of them in different states.  Over that time I've flown across all the time zones and driven a thousand miles.  This morning I wake up in sunny Allentown PA.

Over the weekend I attended the Empire Conference in Albany, NY - I drove the 300 miles to get there on Friday.  It was a very low-key event and one of the first I've attended where the center of activity wasn't the hotel bar.  It was nice to meet some new friends, to reconnect with some old ones, and to enjoy a little down time sandwiched between some of the crazy days.

Lots happens over any given week in my world (I realize I'm not alone in that regard) and this past one was a busy one.  The next one looks to be equally as crazed as I finish my exit from Harrisburg to what comes next.  I'm focused on one day at a time - taking care of whatever details happen to be at hand and very much going with the flowing.

Today is Mother's Day and I've already called my mom to wish her a Happy one.  I wish I were there to take her to her favorite seafood restaurant (Red Lobster) but that'll have to wait for the moment.  I told her she has an IOU.

I've had several friends write to wish me a Happy Mother's Day as well.  The sentiments are much appreciated despite the fact that I don't consider myself to be my son's mom.  Regardless, it is a day to take time to appreciate parents in general.  I remember how surprised I was when the first Father's Day after my dad's death sucker punched me with an acute realization that he was gone.

I'll enjoy a power breakfast at Dunkin Donuts after getting dressed and packed.  Most restaurants are packed on this particular holiday.  I'm hoping that Dunkin' is saner than that.


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