Monday, June 20, 2011

Better Than Well

I wrote an email to a friend earlier this morning who asked if I was doing well.  I started to reply that I am doing well.  But then I thought about it for a second and corrected myself.  I think I'm doing better than well right now.

There can be something energizing and exciting about moving.  There can also be aspects that are drudgery and painful and just plain overwhelming but those parts of this move seem to be in my rear view mirror at the moment.  I moved into my new place into downtown Charleston last Thursday and every day there so far has been magical.  Not for anything that I can explain or pinpoint - simply just because.

I've explained before how I view life, relationships, emotions, and any number of other things like tides, fully of ebb and flow.  Sometimes they're in and that's typically a good thing.  Sometimess they're out and that can suck.  The best of it all is when they're all in together and it's a high water mark.  Those are the special times to enjoy and appreciate while they last.  Unfortunately, this too shall fade.  And although it'd be easy to try to hold onto those moment or to worry that they, in fact, won't last I've learned that the more fulfilling strategy in my own life is to appreciate them while you can.  I do, and I am.

Every night the pup and I walk down to the wharf that's only 3 blocks from my place.  At that time of night there's usually only one or two couples snuggling, or people having soft conversations while enjoying the panorama across the water.  Late last week during the full moon it was especially spectacular as the high tides were within a couple of inches of overrunning the breakers.  It was great.

Yesterday was Father's Day, and it's a day with particular significance for me.  My son called which is all I really want out of it.  But more than that I remember back to 1999 when the first Father's Day after my father's passing blindsided me and I was a mess.  Since then I've made an effort to use the day to recognize that the best thing that I can do, and that I do do, is to ensure that his energy and his essence remains alive and well in me.  That's quite the responsibility, and one I take very seriously.  I did a number of things yesterday that represented "soul" food - the dog and I took a long walk along the beach in the morning.  I did a walk/jog across one of the big bridges in the area that's made for walking and biking.  And at the high point in the bridge I said out loud, "Hey Dad, look where we are".  And I meant it - not simply in a pysical sense but in a deeper spiritual sense as well.  I spent the day with the pup, with  my own thoughts, with memories of my dad, and doing things to get settled here.  All in all, it was a very good day.

I did an interview with someone who I spoke with several years ago about Father's Day for transpeople.  He wanted to do a follow-up and we had a nice conversation (read it here).  It's unfortunate that they need to add sensational titles but the key for me is the meat of the story and I'm thinking that came across pretty well.

Speaking of interviews, get ready for a very interesting one to hit later this week.  I did an interview several weeks ago with a reported from The New Republic for a story she was writing about the history of trans activism.  She wanted to talk to me about my role with HRC and resigning from the Board over ENDA in 2007, among other things.  I told her exactly what I felt then, how I feel now, and she called last night to check some facts.  She said it's a long article - over 5,000 words - and as with the interview about Father's Day I have no idea how they'll position it or what else is in it but I expect it'll get some attention. 

I've got lots going on in my world, as usual.  But the best news of it all is that my life seems to be insome sort of harmonic harmony with the universe at the moment.  I've been taking pictures like crazy and will probably post at least a copule of them here a little later.  I don't get to update my online world all that often at the moment because Comcast hasn't turned on service for me at home yet.  That's actually not a bad thing as I find online "stuff" can be energy sapping and can somehow try to substitute itself for real life.  Not in my world.  Real life happens.  And I'm glad to say I'm more than simply a spectator to my own real life.  I'm fully engaged....  :)

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