Friday, June 10, 2011

Soft. But not too soft.

Lots has happened in the Trans world this past week.  Recent legislative advances in Maine, Portland, Nevada, and hopefully soon in Massachussetts and NY made news.  The "Sissy-Boy Experiment" on CNN provides an opportunity to see and discuss the devastating effects of so-called "Reparative Therapy". 

The Media Research Center purports it's aim to "Advancing True and Virtue in the Public Square".  A recent article there bemoaned what it views as mainstream media's "campaign to make gender interchangeable and odd sexual behavior acceptable to the general public."  Needless to say, the more that groups like this complain typically the happier I am.  And right now - in general - I'm really happy.

I've found weekends to be enchanting lately.  I was looking for what word to use and somehow that's the first word that came to mind.  So, I used. it.

A couple of weekends ago were consumed by a 3-day island camping event that will go down as memorable for a lifetime.  Somehow, two smashed toes, a dead iPhone, hours of fishing and crabbing with little to show for it, several black fly bites, and other minor "mishaps" only added to the overall experience.  And last weekend included a day of bike riding downtown, some time enjoying the call of the ocean, an enjoyable evening at the movies, and any number of other pleasant diversions.  I'm already looking forward to this weekend.

I remember a time not all that long ago when it seemed that weekends were consumed by logistics of getting from point A to point B so actually having time to enjoy them now is indicative of the slow-down my life has been on lately.  The overall balance seems to be back, and that's very much a good thing.  I shared a photo from last Sunday on Facebook and I'll share it here as well - it was taken as I got out of the shower after a long weekend of outdoor "stuff".  Thankfully, I covered up before the pic and this is about as "raw" as my photos get.  But I think you can tell a lot about a person in a moment where the guard is down and I'm not sure what this picture says but if I were to choose any recent photo as indicative of where I am right now this would be it.


The big upcoming event in my world is that I'll finally be moving into my new "place" next week.  I've been staying with E over the past few weeks and I've really enjoyed that, but I'm also so tired of living out of my suitcase in someone else's space that I'm counting the days. 

The reason that this is new for me is that it's the first time I've ever lived downtown anywhere.  I don't count the time that I lived in Pittsord a couple of years ago as "downtown" - it's a village with quaint main intersection but it's certainly not "downtown".  And even though downtown Charleston certainly isn't comperable to Atlanta or Charlotte or other cities with skyscrapers it's just that unique, quaint quality that attracts me to it.  I'll be right smack in the middle of downtown - around the corner from galleries, restaurants, shops, the ocean - it's all within blocks of me. 

One of the things that draws me to the area is the desire to have my own unique "Charleston Experience".  It's a city steeped in history and its own unique sense of culture.  I very much feel as though my creative juices flow more readily there and although I expect it won't be quite the romantic notion that I've got for it in my head at this point I'm thrilled to have this opportunity.  I was looking through a book of "Historic Charleston Places" the other day and the building that I'm going to be living in is in it. 

I'll be living in a self-containted, two-story Carriage House with a small backyard and basic life necessities.  Horse-drawn carriage tours of the city go down the street in front of the house and we've already made friends with some of the quaint small businesses in the area so I'm looking forward to finally be a "neighbor".  Anyway - it's a big deal for me after having felt displaced for a long time. 

While there I hope to spend time and attention on photography, writing, some personal objectives that have been on the sidelines for a while, and other "stuff".  I realize that I typically set my aim higher than I can reach but we'll see how things go.  I've already investigated getting a bike - that's how to best get around. 

This is all certainly a world away from Arizona.  And although I have no idea how the future will play out or where I'll be next year at this time when people ask me where I'll end up I don't think of it in terms of one place.  Here and AZ are my Yin and Yang, my ocean and desert, two parts of a healthy whole.  Something keeps drawing me back there just as I keep getting drawn back here to Charleston.  I've learned that it's not necessary to explain it to accept it.  And in this case, now that I've got a foothold here I'm doing my best to ensure that it lasts.

Back to this weekend - the weather is supposed to be as wonderful as it has been for the entire past month here and I hope to spend a little time walking on the beach.  I've got a number of things to do to prepare to move next week.  I'd like to go and see the new movie directed by Woody Allen.  I expect to make it to the Fitness Center.  And I'd like to spend some time at the Apple Store.  I've got other things on the plate, as well, but part of enjoying the past few weeks involves a general go-with-the-flow approach where things unfold and plans get changed on the fly. 

It's ironic that one of the songs that I adopted as one of my personal "theme songs" last year is still something I embrace and listen to again and agin with gusto.  It's an edgy song by Nine Inch Nails and although I'm probably in a better overall place right now than I was a year ago at this time it's still relevant for me.  After all, I don't want contentment or complacency to make me too soft.  :)

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