Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Everywhere

It's hot everywhere.  We set a record here in Phoenix yesterday.  It was 113 degrees.  Today is supposed to be just as warm, if not warmer.  All I can say - I love this weather.

I don't know if I've ever complained about heat here on my blog before because, frankly, I really don't mind it.  Just like there's cat people and dog people I think there's heat people and cold people.  I have friends who would prefer cold to heat and would explain that they can continue to add layers to get warm if they're cold, but when you're hot there's only so much you can take off.  No matter.  I'm am absolutly NOT a cold person.  And I'm loving this summer.

I arrived in Phoenx early yesterday and spent the day with my electrologyst, Maria.  Maria has become a dear, special, much loved friend over the years and her kindnesses towards me and towards others are far too many to count.  It was wonderful to see her again and have the day to catch up on things.  I have a number of things to accomplish while I'm here, and after a good night sleep I'm feeling rested and relaxed. 

Tasha from Dr. Meltzer's office, and dear Maria

I have been invited to attend a conference call today with Vice President Joe Biden.  The goal of the call is to bring a number of people up to speed on the Debt Deal in hopes of getting more "high profile" people to (a) understand it and (b) support/defend it.  I'm looking forward to hearing what he's got to say, but as I articulated in my previous note I'm very disappointed in everyone and everything that had anything to do with the dangerous game brinksmanship that we, as a country, faced.  I'm not sure what, if anything, we will learn from the experience;  as a whole our society has a very short memory span.  But those who can't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it and I fear this won't be the last of the blatant indications as to the level of "broke" that our country is right now. Oy.

I'm staying with a friend who recently came to Charleston to visit with me.  We've talked for a year or more about our going together to her Pilates class.  I've never been to Pilates before but she seems to love it.  Whereas I'm reluctant to go to Yoga (although I very much need to) and Zumba (Lord knows I definitely need to) today will be my first Pilates experience.  We'll see how it goes.  I feel as though I've been eating non-stop since Monday and although I know it's not true being on the road has an odd way of making you feel "out of sorts".

The music service Spotify recently became available here in the US.  I'm loving it.  I find that I listen to all kinds of internet music and I stop to tag songs or artists that perk my interest.  Spotify lets me get deeper into music that I otherwise would only have scratched the surface of listening to.  As I type this I'm listening to the Dandy Warhols.  If you're wondering specifically what I'm listening to at this very second here's the video for it:

It reminds me of music from the 80's with a more modern twist. I like.

Since I'm on a music theme at the moment I'll share another band I've been listening to.  It's very different.  Most of their stuff is very hard and and, in fact, is the kind of music my son would have liked back when he was in high school (he has since graduated to more extreme Death Metal stuff, but that's another story for another day).

The band is Five Finger Death Punch, and this atypically quiet song has some meaning for me.  The images on this particular video make is very powerful:

And lastly, here's a move from the Jr. World Wrestling Championships being held right now.  It was featured on ESPN SportCenter as their "Play of the Day". 

I just had to share that. It's not often that wrestling gets that kind of visibility. :)

With that - off I go to Pilates. Wish me luck...


Sophie Lynne said...

That move was amazing!

I am with you. I'm Heatmiser (without the Gold lame')

Common Teri said...

Love the Dandies!