Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Tune Ends Too Soon

As I type this I'm listening to Rush.  Not Rush the conservative moron.  Rush the band.

Specifically, I'm listening to "Time Stand Still" from the new DVD from the tour my brother and I attended last year.  And I'm not simply listening as my hand and feet are going so I'm actively involved in the thing.  God....this song rocks me.  I've replayed it a half dozen times so far, and I have no problem replaying it another half dozen times before I'm done tonight.

Some have told me that Rush is a "guy" band.  Yawn.  I'm listening to it thru my THX certified speakers, with a subwoofer thumping, and the place is thumping hard.  It's the perfect way to end a very pleasant weekend.

The lyrics to this song - btw - have had special meaning for me for as long as I can remember.  I can think back to being with my "big sister" Kate in San Francisco listening to it as we drove along the coast.  Great memories.

One final observation before I move on....  I was jamming to the song "FreeWill"  (see it here) a bit ago.  If you watch it - check out the solos that begin about 3 minutes into it.  These guys are amazing musicians, and if you ever see them live it's crazy to think that 3 guys make all that sound.  They are without question one of rock music's all-time greatest bands but they have never gotten the respect they deserve.  But here they are - all these years later (the first time I saw them was 1977) - and they're absolutely incredible.  They don't make musicians like this any more....honestly.  They are truly dinosaurs - a dying breed.

Someone posted an interesting article on FaceBook.  It says a recent study indicates that "48% of gay men would sacrifice a year or more of their lives in exchange for a perfect body."  (See the original article here). The resulting feedback is generally pretty negative....

I find that interesting.  It says that the percentage of non-gay men who feel similarly is half that.
The question I've got is who says that the ultimate metric of life is how long it is?  I still don't get that.  I'd argue that each of us is trapped in this thing we call a body so getting it to a point where we're comfortable in it for the duration of our time here isn't necessarily a trivial or simply superficial thing.

What if they were to do a study to report a finding of clinically obese people who'd take a year or more off their lives for a "perfect" body?  Or people with some sort of birth defect?  Or - and perhaps most pertinent to my own situation - transsexuals?

When I was wheeled into the OR for my SRS way back in 2000 I was absolutely ready for that day to be my last day.  I was very much at peace with that possibility, and I accepted that every day subsequent to that would be a gift.  If I took a year, or two, or ten off the duration of my life I'm ok with it.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  

I'd go a step further.  If a doctor tried to get me to stop taking hormones based on some life-risk - not gonna happen.  It's not negotiable.  I'm a lifer.

My own holy trinity of mind-body-spirit is very much in alignment these days and after 40 years of NOT the serenity that comes with getting here and being here is very much part of the joy of life.  My biggest complaint these days is the my neck gets sore easily, that my joints click and make odd noises sometimes, and that I'm getting wrinkles in places that I'd rather not.  But otherwise - that's it.

Frankly, I think doing what I've done has added years but that doesn't matter.  I'm ok with it either way.

Back to this thing called life...

When I was a teenager I had two favorite bands.  The first concert I ever attended was Jethro Tull, and I followed Ian Anderson and his merry gang through Thick as a Brick.  And, Rush.

I really enjoy seeing these artists now.  They've aged (so have I).  They've matured (so have I).  And in some ways so has their music.

Something I've come to understand is that music has always had a profound effect on my life.  It is, in a way, the backdrop of my world.  It puts things into context.  The lyrics were always as important a component of the song to me continue to play that significant role.  I'll end tonight by sharing another song - a Jethro Tull one - that fits into this notion of life, living, and then moving on.

Life's a long song.  But the tune ends too soon for us all.  Amen.


Sophie Lynne said...

I'm a HUGE Jethro Tull fan, and the song you selected is one of my faves!

It's good when a band's music matures along with them. I think Springsteen is a perfect example of it, as well as the band's you mentioned.

Never saw Rush in concert. maybe someday...

Kat Emily said...
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Katherine Hohmann said...

Rush brought me through a lot of experiences while growing up. Saw them in concert 25 years ago and awesome! Never heard Jethro Tull, but I really like that song a lot.

And, while growing up in a "conservative" family and having watched the other Rush while growing up, well let's just say life is too short to be stuck there. I love the opening comment... made my day.

Enjoy the journey no matter how short or long it is.

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