Monday, May 7, 2012


My short time downtown, in this space, has been transformative.  It's like there's a creative energy down's really crazy to say that but when you're open to things I think things have a way of becoming real.  What's happening in my world is very real.

Last year when I lived here I was in a nice place - same general area - but I didn't get the same vibe.  I don't know if it was because I had the pup (she's with my son), or that the space just had a different "feel" to it, or what. Frankly, I think it's the combination of a number of things.  But the energy here is almost magical.

My photography as an outlet continues to blossom.  I'm planning to update my website in a major way, which will take a significant amount of energy.  I'm enjoying writing.  It's really cool to feel this way and I've learned the hard way that nothing lasts forever so I'm just channeling the energy while I can.

This iPad is crazy cool.  It's not necessarily that the iPad itself is cool - I've only got a handful of apps on it.  What I'm really digging is the ability to turn it into a base station so wherever I am it acts as a portal to the internet for whatever other devices I've got.  For example, as I type this I'm using my iMac that's connected to the internet through my iPad.  Too cool fer school.

I've started a little photoblog to attach to this blog.  The url is  It's much easier to use that than to upload photos from my iphone to Blogger.  I've put a few photos from over the weekend there to start.  It's simple - not many options and no mechanism to comment but all that is actually a positive as far as I'm concerned.  Anyways, my general tinkering continues...

One email I received recently asked me when I stopped transitioning and just started living.  I realize that probably makes sense conceptually, and I suppose I would probably have approached things in a similarly compartmentalized, structured way at one time.  But it's sort of like the Matrix, in that I don't think anyone can really explain that it doesn't really happen like that for many, if not most, of us.

I suspect that I'm still transitioning in one way or another.  The flow of my life over the past decade shows a number of things that have ebbed and flowed.  That tide continues....

I'll have more to say on that.  But right now it's almost midnight and this little turnip needs to get to bed.  Days at work are very full these days, and we've got some major deliverables to create by Friday.

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