Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I bought a new vehicle today. I am the still somewhat shocked-by-it-all owner of a used Toyota Tundra pickup. This mother is huge. I've had large vehicles before. We bought a new Ford Expedition back while I was still married. But the reason I like this truck is that it doesn't feel like a truck. It rides nicely. But I've never owned a pickup before, so this will take a little getting used to. You haven't lived until you've been a blonde with a big chest pulling up at a car dealership. It's truly a test of just how comfortable you are, and the good news is that I'm very very very comfortable. I did my research, I went to two different dealers and did my test driving, I negotiated reasonable prices, and in the end I picked the one I really wanted. I'm actually very happy about the way things went. The sad part is that it cost me one of my cars. As I've mentioned before, both have significant mileage and both have been with me for a long time. I bought my Volvo in 2004, and my Camry in 2008. I've put over 100,000 miles on both of them so we've been through a lot together. I had planned to trade one of them in but wasn't sure which one. Well, the dealership made the decision for me as they wanted the Toyota. As I checked throught the glove compartment, and moved my Buffalo Bills magnet to the new truck, I'll admit to a level of sadness at letting her go. But she's served me well, I've taken good care of her, and now it's just time to move on. Sigh. I hope to get something for her to tow sometime in the not-too-distant-future. Something that floats. But until then we'll just get to know one another and I'll enjoy the new-car-thing. I don't do it very often. I'll post a photo of her on my photoblog a little later.


April said...

Congratulations on the new wheels. Always hard letting one go, after a while they become part of the family.



Mae West said...

I've experienced being "a blonde with a big chest" at car dealerships. It's quite entertaining to witness the moment when a salesperson realizes that you have a brain and he isn't going to be making a huge commission after all.

Congratulations on becoming a blonde mother trucker! I have a Dodge RAM 1500 with the State of Texas emblazoned in the back of the cab and I really enjoy being a blonde mother trucker in her!

Sophie Lynne said...

Gettin' a gun rack for it? ;)

I know how you feel about trading in an old friend. When I traded in my last car, I'd had it for 13 years and 282K miles. LOTS of water under the bridge there! But, it had a cracked axle...

best of luck with the new Land mass! ;)

Donna said...

Not funny Sophie. Sense of humor is in short supply today. Don't push it.