Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Folks from my World.

In some aspects of my life I'm pretty spontaneous.  Or, at least I feel I am.  In others, tho, I'm consistent like clockwork.

Like Tuesdays.  Although there are lots and lots of good restaurants here in Charleston Tuesday nights I'm at half-price burger night at Blind Tiger Pub.  I just am.  Do they make the best burger I've ever had?  I wouldn't go that far....but they certainly old their own against anyone else.  But it's a combination of food, atmosphere, loyalty, and building relationships.

One of the guys there is Victor.  I bump into him at the gym fairly often and he's a nice, friendly guy with a great smile who goes out of his way to chat.  The first time he came up to me I didn't recognize him since he wasn't wearing his BTP T-shirt.  Now I'd recognize him anywhere.


Another person from my world:  Alyssa, the bartender at Oak Steakhouse.  Alyssa rocks.

Other brief topics.  I'm tickled that one of the questions that they asked the new Miss America had to do with trans contestants, and that she answered it so well.

I started working out again.  Finally.  As I've explained a few tunes recently I just haven't had the time so getting back in shape 

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