Thursday, September 8, 2011


I don't mean this in a snarky kind of way, but I'm thankful I'm here in South Carolina tonight and not back in Harrisburg.  From what they're showing on the Weather Channel people in Central PA will need to start building Arks soon - rain and flooding there have turned rivers into torrents.  I hope my friends there are doing ok.

Here in Charleston it was sunny, high was 85 or so, and I can't think of a nicer weather day than we had here.  Again - I'm not gloating.  I'm just counting my lucky stars.

It's Charleston Restaurant Week here.  One of the things that the city is known for is the many really nice restaurants here, and this week is full of special events and special prices at many of the finer local eateries. I could realistically see myself eating out every night here.  Really.  But neither my waist nor my pocketbook could handle that.  I've enjoyed living downtown as one of the things everyone shares at the dog park is where the quaint, local places are.  There are "tourist" places, and "local" places so finding those rare gems is actually a fun find.

I'm also getting into cooking more.  Tonight I made some chicken Alfredo with mushrooms and rotini pasta.  Yummm.  I probably shouldn't have had seconds - one of the things about cooking for one is that there is almost always left overs.  Now I'm stuffed....

Another fun thing about living down here is going for a run with Maggie.  The scenery is wonderful, the weather has been accommodating, and we try to do our usual route at least a couple of times a week.  Now that school has started at the College of Charleston there are lots and lots of runners, both in the morning and especially in the evenings.

But the real gems here are the mornings.  A few weeks ago it was already light by shortly after 6 but now it doesn't start getting light until closer to 7.  I take Maggie for a nice long walk every morning - and we end up down by the waterfront where we have a front-row view to sunrise.  One of the really cool things is taking pictures of it every morning - each day is a little different but each is also uniformly amazing.

Here are iPhone pics from almost the exact same spot on each of the last 3 mornings:



Oy.  See what I mean?  It's amazing.  I'm soaking it all up and enjoying it while I can.

So - here I sit.  Back door is open, I'm full from dinner but a glass of wine is still on the table, I'm about to do Skype video with my sweetie, and NFL Football is on.  All things considered - life is good.


Gwen said...

Inquiring minds want to know ---
So you (typically) eat for one.
Making solo dishes is difficult, so one can expect you have leftovers.
What do you do?
Can them?
Put them in the fridge to finish the next day?
Put them in the fridge and toss them when the mold gets over 1" thick?

Donna said...

I almost always have left overs and typically either put them back in the fridge for another meal (or two) or I freeze it. I rarely have to throw anything out. It's amazing how many dirty pots and pans can be involved. I've got a dishwasher but I haven't used it yet - I just wash it all by hand. :-)

Sophie Lynne said...

In a previous post you mentioned how God is the water in which we swim.

Sunrises are the shimmer on the surface

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what a beautiful photos, i love the last one looks like a great sunrise, thank you so much for sharing