Friday, September 16, 2011

Life is all about Dessert....

I mentioned in my previous post about Charleston Restaurant Week and the wide variety of wonderful food available here.  Food is to Charleston as music is to Austin - it has become part of the area's DNA.  Last night a friend and I went to High Cotton as part of the 3 for $30 deal.   In a word - Yumm!  God, I love a good meal.  I don't know if it's a good thing that I've been there enough over recent weeks to know the bartenders as well as I do but they've got live jazz most nights and it's a very relaxing place to go.

I couldn't even begin to explain what the appetizer I got was - it was some kind of beef carved a micron thin with a very pretty (and tasty) sauce drizzled on it.  Main course was pork loin on a bed of jalapeno grits.  And for dessert - apple cobbler with Cinnamon ice cream.  Mmmmm.

Sunday I'm doing another 3 for $30 thing.  It's the last day for it.  Phew.

As advertised, today is very autumn-like.  Chilly, even.  It was raining and in the low 60's, and still dark, this morning when I took pup for her walk and I needed a sweatshirt.  Brrr.  I haven't been in my house for a chilly day yet so we'll have to see if the heater works....not that I need heat quite yet but I'm just saying,....I hate being cold.  I do sense an extra blanket in my near future, tho.

I suppose it's no secret since I mention it again and again that I like music.  It truly is the backdrop of my world.  I listen to Pandora when I'm on my bike, I listen to Spotify on my laptop, I'm usually connected to my headphones at work....I'm just wired that way.

One of the cool things about the Internet is finding artists who leverage the mediums available to them to do unique, interesting things.  One of those people is Darryl Hall.  He does an "Internet" show titled "Live from Darryl's House" that I've mentioned before but is worth mentioning again.  He brings various artists to his house, talks with them, often eats with them, and (of course) plays music with them.  He's got a good variety of guests, the audio and video quality are superb, and it's just something unique. 

Also this weekend (9/16-9/18), the Austin City Limits Music Festival is being broadcast live on YouTube (link here).  The schedule of performers is at the bottom of the screen.  Coldplay will be performing this evening.  Watching Zilker Park makes me miss being in Austin....

In wrestling the US won a bronze medal in my weight class )72kg) at the World Championships.  Ali made it to the semi-finals before losing to a 5-time world champion from Bulgaria.

People can poo-poo Women's Wrestling all they want, but these are some tremendously well-trained and talented athletes.  Last year the only medals the US broguth home were from the Women's Freestyle team, and so far this year that's true as well. Anyway, Congratulations to Ali.

After I shared a little about what I do for my "career" someone write to ask me how I find contract opportunities.  I've done contracting for the majority of my life and I'll say that back in the old days contracting was much different than it is today.  For example, I've never met anyone from the contracting company that I work for at the moment.  They recruited me online, arranged the interview, and we only know each other through phone calls and email.  That's fine - but that's not how it usually works.
My main source for finding contract opportunities is  Another online resource that I use from time to time is Sologig.  But as I get older the cities I'd go to work and live have dwindled down to a small few.  I'm just sayin...


Anonymous said...

Hey Donna, thanks for mentioning "Live from Daryl's House". Wow! What a cool site. I really enjoyed watching Mayer Hawthorne. And my very current very favorite singer, Grace Potter, was fabulous. She is so incredible.

Sophie Lynne said...

I met Darryl Hall once, back in 1985 around the time of his first solo album (he's from my area.) He was gracious, grounded and a lot of fun to talk to.