Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday!

So, I'm back into the groove.  Or, more accurately, my escapades of the last several weeks have started to fade into memory and I'm focused on what needs to happen now.  I've got some significant decisions to make.

One decision I've made, that's actually not all that big but I've already decided, is that I won't see the new Batman movie.  I didn't see the previous one, either.  Too dark for me.  I've seen lots of movies in recent weeks so I've seen the trailers for quite a while now, and all the hoopla over it just reinforces my decision to leave it be.  I seem to be getting more into non-mainstream movies anyway....

One movie I will see:  Brave.  I'm thinking of going sometime this weekend.  And I'll see Finding Nemo 3D when that comes out.  Pixar generally hooks me.

I don't have much more to say right now.  Several balls in the air.  The lease on the place I'm living runs out inside of a month so I'm planning around that.  I'm actively working through my next contract options.  I'm working with all the photos from my trip, and investigating how to make my photo work a more commercial endeavor.  All things considered...lots going on.

My wedding anniversary date passed earlier this week.  It would have been 31 years.  My ex and I noted it by exchanging text messages.  Funny how the world has changed.  :)

Onwards!  It's Friday!

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Sophie Lynne said...

"Brave" is a FANTASTIC movie!

I highly recommend it!