Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Hair

It's funny...when I started my transition I became pre-occupied with hair.  That involved killing it in most places (face), shaving it in others, and growing it (or at least stopping the loss of it) on the top of my head.

I remember those early days, as the smooth spot on my face that had been cleared got bigger and bigger.  The wonder of feeling that is still one of those simple things I'll never forger.  I suppose now I largely take it for granted but at the time it was a big big deal.

The one area that ended up being problematic was at the very top of my head.  It was thinning, and it stayed thin.  Most of the hairstyles I've worn over the years have been designed to hide that spot, and as recently as 18 months ago it was still very noticeable.

I've heard a variety of various methods to re-grow it over the years.  I have even tried some of them.  But over the course of time none has proven worth continuing for me.  Until recently.

I'm not trying to sell anything, or to claim that what has worked for me will work for everyone.  But last night I went to visit Dr. Meltzer who asked if I had had hair transplants - it was that noticeable.  No...no transplants.  Two ingredients:  (1) Avodart and (2) Prenatal Vitamins.

If you're going to use Avodart you'll need an Rx.  It's too expensive to buy in this country and most insurance plans don't cover it, so  my doctor recommended ordering thru a Canadian pharmacy.  They ship it to me from somewhere in Europe and it's a third of the price of buying here.

Anyway - it's not the secret of youth or of turning lead into gold.  But for me, the ability to grow hair on the top of my head and not anywhere else on my body is a small miracle.  So, that's that.

I spent yesterday at my storage unit.  Letting go of some things.  The top that I wore when I introduced Jessica Lang at the HRC National Dinner several years ago - I'll never fit into it again.  My Klipsch speakers - too big to move.  My grill - gone.  Half of my shoes - came to peace with the fact I'll never wear them.  I'm headed back over again in a few minutes as the process continues...

I can only stay until noon or so.  After 5 hrs it just gets too hot.


Gwen said...

Wonder how long clients will continue to buy product from extra-ConUS providers? Kept hearing stories that the FDA was working with USPS and UPS to catalog and record drug transfers across the borders in order to support US Big Pharma. I used to get many of my supplements from Thailand -- until they suddenly disappeared from site at the beginning of 2012. Heard they intend the same for Canadian Phrma as well.

Sophie Lynne said...

Have you thought of selling the shoes on ebay?