Saturday, January 4, 2014

Homeward Bound

If you live in the north you're about to get blasted.  Record cold is forecast to affect haft the country.  Here in Omaha the low tomorrow is supposed to be ~15 below zero.  The high Monday might reach zero.  Wind chills will push the end result colder than -35...they're already looking at canceling school for local students.  It's too cold to be outside.

I'll share something here.  I'll be giving my notice at work on Monday.  Unless something unforeseen happens I'll be back home in the Carolina's by the end of the month., and I couldn't be happier.  As I've alluded to in recent weeks a courtship has been going on that finally seems to have been consummated.  I've accepted an offer so I suspect my days here are down to a precious few.

There's more going on - but that's the news I'm willing to share right now.  Changing jobs is a fairly vulnerable time for a person since it requires a person to trust that the jump from one job to another will go well.  As I've said before I have very much enjoyed both the work and the people here.  Giving this news on Monday will indeed be somewhat bittersweet.  But the reality that I'm headed back home again is both energizing and exciting.

I like to think that my life is testament to the notion that if you want something to happen (a) you need to take active steps to make it happen rather than simply wait for it to happen and (b) you need to have the courage and the faith to jump on opportunities when they arise.

The next few weeks will be a flurry of activity.  As often happens in my world I have no idea how it will all come together.  But I've learned from experience that it always does so I don't really worry to much about it.  It's not like this is my first time doing this.

This a big deal.  It turns another page in my life in more ways than one.

New Years this past week passed quietly in my world.  It's not that big a deal for me - I was in bed by 10:30.  The excitement of watching the ball drop ended a few years ago.

One thing I've noted over these past Holidays is the significant number of my friends have announced significant changes in their relationships on Facebook.  Several have gotten engaged, or married.  Others are in some flavor of committed relationship.  It is wonderful to see this kind of thing - especially at the Holidays.  If you're one of these people - congratulations!


Gwen said...

I can remember the days when WOW used to hold two winter contests:
-- How many days (what day) the temperature would see the high side of zero.
-- How many days (what day) the temperature would see the high side of 32.
(Course that was before Global Warming and we would be going days/weeks below freezing)

Kaylee Nicole said...

Hope this new jobs brings you a great deal of happiness and satisfaction.

paintsnfun said...

Good luck on all of your upcoming adventures and changes.