Friday, January 10, 2014

The Cliff

It is Friday.  The weekend is here!  Yee-haw.

I'm sitting at a gate in IAH airport in Houston waiting for my connecting flight.  Apparently, they had a bit of a maintenance issue so we're looking at a couple hour delay.  I can live with that, and hope it's not any longer.  I'm headed to Charlotte where I'll rent a car and drive to Charleston.  If all stays on this schedule we'll land in CLT at 10:15, I'll hope to have my luggage and rental car by 11, and I've got a 3+ hr drive.  I'll arrive between 2-2:30am.....makes for a long day but I'm ok with that.  After all - it's Charleston.

As advertised in my last post I did as I said.  I gave my notice at work on Monday.  I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy this job.  The people are great, my manager rocks, the work is interesting, it could potentially last for as long as I'd like it to, and if I could find a way to have my cake and eat it too I'd be all set.  But life is about balance and right now I'm out of it and need to get it back.

So, as illogical or emotional as the decision may seem to other, it's done.  I've got a position lined up back in South Carolina that I'd like to enjoy even half as much as this one.  But in the "nothing ventured, nothing gained" department - sometimes you need to close your eyes, take a big step forward, and have faith that you're not stepping off a cliff.

I'll keep details to myself for a while until I actually start it and get myself into the saddle.  But for now the main thing will be to close down my life in Omaha, get myself across country, and get on my feet again back home over the next 2 weeks.  Add in a 2-day trip to Dallas for a class (I'll probably drive) and a weekend trip to Denver and back to see my son and there really aren't that many days left.  I've been at this point before - not knowing how on earth I'd fit everything that needs to get done into the time period available.  But somehow it always works out.  One way or another - it will this time, too.

I'm almost giddy over it.  This trip is a trip of the heart.  Calm before the storm.  A chance to reconnect.  There's a lot going on right now and thankfully most of it is good.

Charleston Restaurant Week happens over the next 10 days.  The good news is that I plan to overindulge on some of the wonderful culinary delights that Charleston has to offer.  The downside (not sure it it's a downside - it's just a thing) is that I plan to run two or three times over the weekend to keep my weight down.  I weighed myself at the Field House on base last week and right now I weigh the same as I did when I transitioned 15 years ago.  I'm happy about that.

Weather is always a topic worth mentioning - it has been cold for the last couple of weeks in Omaha.  Today we finally peeked above the freezing mark and it's supposed to last into next week.  All good.  I just hope it lasts for the driving I'll be doing.

Anyway - I'm going to keep this short and hope I don't get stuck in Houston tonight.  Fingers crossed....

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Sophie Lynne said...

Cliffs are funny things.

Sometimes when you take that step, you fall...

other times you fly.

Nebraska, you flew.

And in this case, the step leads you back to your happy place! :)