Monday, June 16, 2014

A Big To-Do

In the evolving story about my new motorcycle, the big news is that I went to the Harley-Davidson dealership and picked her up on Saturday.  I've thought several times over the past few days that it's still weird to realize that I've got a brand new motorcycle out in the garage.

Harley makes getting your new bike a big to-do at the dealership.  Once all the paperwork was signed and the deal was consummated it was time to do a "walk-around".

It starts with ringing a big, loud bell so that everyone in the showroom can hear.  When it goes off, everyone comes over to congratulate you on your new purchase and to welcome you to the Harley "Family".

Then it's over to the retail side of the house to get a free T-shirt.  Then, it's over to the service side of the house to meet all the service guys and pick up a starter care kit.  Then it's over to a special place where they stage new bikes for photos.  And finally - it's all over and it's time to go.

Me and my new Harley

Some have written to me to make sure I'm a safe rider.  All I can say is that I'm as safe as I know how to be.  I have a full-face helmet, I've got a pair of sturdy leather riding boots, I'm very cautious when I'm out riding - I'm not looking to get killed on this bike.

As I've explained before, I'm a new rider.  At this point in time I've only got a learner's permit.  I'm scheduled to 4-day take a "Learn to Ride" course in a couple of weeks.  Elizabeth and I have been out on our bikes all weekend - we did a good 35 mile loop up and around near the beaches last night.  It's got a good mix of everything - windy roads, city driving, highway 55mph roads, scenery....and it has been very helpful.  It could be very easy to become intimidated by a 755 pound rocket between your legs headed down the road at highway speeds and I've already got a very healthy respect for her.  So far, so good.  No buyers remorse at all.

In other personal news I'm studying like crazy for the North Carolina Real Estate Broker exam.  I'm already licensed in South Carolina, but living near the border as I do I'd like to have additional opportunities.  Getting to the point of being approved to even take the test has been quite the journey, but that's where I am.  Anyway, I'm scheduled to take the test on Friday.

I enjoy tests.  I really do.  I suppose it's a personality thing but I've always been this way.  When I signed up there was a warning message saying that only 31% of people who are licensed in another state pass the NC exam the first time.  It encourages test-takers to take it seriously and study.  So, I am.

In bigger picture stuff - it is being reported that President Obama has directed his staff to draft an Executive Order protecting nearly 1 million LGBT Federal employees and contractors from workplace discrimination (story here).  People have been asking him to do this for a few years now.  Perhaps this is his PRIDE  month "gift".  Regardless, it's the right thing to do and I'm glad to see him do it.  Now, if we can just pass ENDA....


JerseygirlAngie said...

A beautiful woman, driving a beautiful bike - it just doesn't get any better than that !

Carolyn Ann Grant said...

Enjoy the bike! :-)

And when you feel comfortable with it - head to The Dragon! That's a blast of a road. (As is the Blue Ridge, but just watch for the cops - especially in the North Carolina section.)