Monday, June 9, 2014


It has been a weekend to remember.

I mentioned a few posts back that I've gotten into motorcycles lately.  I obtained my learner's permit a couple of weeks ago.  I've been reading about them, and looking to buy one, for a while now.  I think that's where I left off last time....

For me, the entire process of buying a motorcycle is a very personal thing.  I don't want to get a small one and work my way up to larger ones.  It's far more my style to make a decision on whether or not I want to make the investment in it, do all the research to be able to make a good decision, to clearly identify what I want to use it for, and then to make it happen.

That's where I am.  My bike arrived this week, and it sitting in the showroom with a "Sold" sign dangling from her handlebar (see below).  I went to visit her both days this weekend, and will be picking her up next Saturday.  I'm very excited.

In the meantime, I've been using a smaller HD 1200 to practice with (see below).  I put 150 miles on her over 24 hours between yesterday and today.

Riding a motorcycle makes me feel like a kid again.  It brings back memories the days of practicing driving a car and getting my license, all those years ago.  I remember how nerve-wracking it felt sometimes, and I still marvel that I typically feel at home in my car as I do anywhere else.  Most of what we do as seasoned drivers we do without thinking.  We know what to expect, we know how to react, we've trained ourselves so most of it is just second nature.

Right now I'm at the "thinking stage" of motorcycle riding.  Clutch in, change gears, brake, turn signals, watching what traffic is doing....left foot does this, right hand does this, be careful of mind is on overload.  Zipping down the road at 50 miles an hour is a while different thing on a motorcycle than it is in a car.

At the close of the weekend, I'm light years ahead of where I was heading into it.  I feel like a kid with a new toy - I just want to go and play with it....for hours on end.  

Anyway - I expect there will be more to come on that.



Carolyn Ann Grant said...

Welcome to motorciccling! :-)

Just keep one thing in mind - at all times. That thing would be: Assume everyone is out to kill you.

Literally. (It's what I assume from the moment I walk up to the bike to when I get off it. I've rarely been proven wrong.)

I've known riders who thought they were driving a peculiar form of car, and forgot that little bit. It's also useful to not go faster than you're comfortable with. And mirrors. Don't rely on 'em, don't forget 'em.

After that, just remember: Rubber Side Down and happy riding! :-)

Carolyn Ann Grant said...

Nice bike!

(Sorry. Forgot to put that in.)

Kaye Fox said...

Beautiful bike Donna. Don't forget you helmet. Always wear it even for a short ride.