Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's early - as in 6 something am - on Thursday morning.  I'm already working on cup of coffee #1 and out of bed.  I may take a nap later, though, so as I've got a full-day train ride tomorrow and will need to get to the Amtrak station relatively early.  I'm sure I'll have more to say on that tomorrow.

I'm listening to something from the archive of Acoustic Sunrise shows (link here).  They play some really pleasant unplugged/acoustic versions of popular songs.  I find that they're just as enjoyable on days other than Sunday, and even upon repeated listening.  Anyway, it's a nice calm way to start the day.

I've been spending my last few days re-doing the website, getting caught up on emails, doing some daily sort of exercise, and enjoying a little down time before things get too crazed.  It has been a good balance.

I've been enjoying doing the website thing.  As I've added more recent photos noticing how I've changed over the last several years has been eye-opening for me.  I think my favorite "look" was from a couple of years ago.  Here are a few head shots I like from 2008-2009:

(Click on the photo for a larger version)

Pretty crazy stuff.

For those who want a "sneak peak" at what I'm doing to the website it's available at  My most significant concern is how the formatting comes across on web browsers other than Safari, and whether or not page loading times are excessive given some of the image processing that's going on.  Anyway, thanks to those who have already provided feedback.

Some have asked me where I am right now and all I can say in reply is that if I wanted to be found I'd be more forthcoming in that regard.  Sometimes it's just nice to disappear for a little while.  That's what I've done.  I've disappeared.  I'll re-appear tomorrow when I arrive in DC.  For those who do know where I am - things are going well.  I'm having a very pleasant week.

Over the past several days I've gotten a number of calls on potential IT opportunities back in the Phoenix area.  I think I stunned this recruiter yesterday who was looking for someone to do some process mapping and gap analysis when I told her that the role sounded too boring at this stage of my career to keep me interested.  I was only being honest, but I don't think she hears that much.  As I'll tell anyone who asks - I refuse to die in a cubicle so it would take quite a bit to drag me back there.

If you live anywhere near DC I'll be at the Out for Work Conference on Saturday.

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