Sunday, September 12, 2010

SCC 2010

As I type this I'm in the air somewhere between Atlanta and Phoenix. The fact that there's internet connections on planes these days is pretty cool. Normally I'd be getting some sleep because it's midnight East Coast time and it has already been a long day but if I snooze I won't be able to sleep when I get home.

SCC 2010 was a blast. It really was. I knew going into it that this edition of SCC would have a different "flavor" to it for me for a number of reasons - some obvious and some not so obvious - and was curious as to what that flavor would be like. I'm happy to say it was a feast. A banquet. A cornucopia. As I say - I had a blast.

A small group of friends and I went to a drag show on Thursday evening that was a hoot and a half. I realize that there are many in the community who poo-poo drag shows and I'm not here to preach or to argue about it. I'm here to say that I haven't been to one in a long, long, long time and that it was a lot of fun. It was funny, and upbeat, and the entire place was having a good time.

I was surprised at the diversity of the performers. There were typically drag-like performers like you'd expect who had attitude, one-liners, wit, and personality to spare. There were a number of drag-kings. There was a bad-ass FTM. And, there was a beautiful performer who was just amazing to watch. Lord what I wouldn't give to be able to move like she did.

After the show I asked what time it was and was shocked that it was after 1:30am by then. Time flied. And, Lord knows I paid for it the next day. Note - the photo above is Stephanie's - thanks for a great time  :)

I'm told that there were over 700 people registered for the event which was wonderful to see given the economy and other factors. I wouldn't be surprised if I talked at some point over the weekend with 3/4 of us - either in the lobby or in the bar or in a session or at a meal.

It was wonderful to meet up with dear friends I've made over the years where our friendships thrive despite time and distance. It was also a joy to start some new friendships that I have a feeling will become long-term ones. That's truly the reason I go year after year. It's like a big group hug - a family reunion, a celebration, and a unique sharing or energy that's worth traveling halfway across the country to participate in. The fact that this was the 20th anniversary made it even that much more of an honor to be there.

I'm sure that there were glitches but as an attendee everything seemed to go flawlessly. Congratulations to all the planners and volunteers who worked so hard to make it all happen. It should come as no surprise that they're already starting work on the 2011 version. It will be at the end of September next year and will be held in conjunction with the WPATH Conference.

This year things just "flowed" for me. Between attending events, doing my workshop, hanging with friends, enjoying a little get-away time, and surviving some fairly crazy time the days seemed to go seamlessly from the minute I opened my little eyes and stumbled upstairs for coffee in the morning to crawling into bed (I wasn't in bed before 1am any evening I was there) hoarse and tired and relaxed. I tried to get to the fitness center on Saturday morning but the back patio at the hotel is just so pretty and the weather was so nice that I never made it. I did make it there today, though. Several days of eating and drinking more than usual were enjoyable, but I'll get back to my routine. Tomorrow.

Anyway - I could go on and on but I've got photos that I'll share when I get home and have a chance to download them.

When I get back to Phoenix I'll get a good night sleep in my own bed. I've got a bunch of things to catch up on tomorrow. And then I'll be on to other things.

Well, my battery is getting low and it feels like we're starting to descend into PHX so I'll end this now. I hope everyone who attended had as enjoyable a time at SCC 2010 as I did. And, I hope those who couldn't make it there this year to share in the group hug will be there next year. :)

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