Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday, Monday
Can't trust that day
Monday, Monday
It just turns out that way....

As I sit this morning sun is streaming through my window, I'm on my second cup of coffee, and I seem to have been on the phone for half of the morning already.  I did an interview for the Out For Work Conference where I'll be speaking in DC in a couple of weeks.  I may participate in a story that's being done on transgender athletes so we're trying to work through some logistics.  It seems like there have been a half dozen other calls, as well...

I hardly even remember falling asleep last night.  I remember landing on time, on seeing Kimberly's smiling face when she picked me up at the airport, getting home and unpacking, and grabbing a bite to eat.  I was tired.

The best part of this morning is that it provides an opportunity to chill.  I've got a bunch of things to catch up on and do before heading out of town again but somehow that will all wait.  I'm busy chilling.

I'm a "list" person so if I've got a number of things happening I'm more likely to remember them if I've got a list.  I've got a list a dozen items long of things that need to happen over the next few days.  I'll start to move again here in a few minutes.

SCC is in the past for another year.  I posted some of my photos on FB (see them here).  I suppose I should have gotten some pics from throughout the entire conference but I brought my big, bulky camera with me and didn't want to lug it around all day.  These pics are from the Saturday night dinner.

I ate and drank way too much on the trip and only feel a little bit guilty about it.  I could have been REALLY bad during this trip, in MANY ways, so I'm thinking that if my greatest sin was a little too much gluttony then I'm ok.  As I said last night, I'll be at the fitness center later to pay my penance.

Although I'm a little heavier than I've been the problem is that I like my face with a little extra "chubbiness" to it.  I want to have my cake and eat it too - to stay a size 6 and keep my stomach and thighs the way they are when I'm skinny and have a little extra fat in my face and butt.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

On another note, the US Wrestling teams had a very disappointing showing at the World Championships in Moscow last week.  The men's freestyle team didn't win a single medal for the first time since 1975, and the only two medals were a bronze and a silver won in the women's divisions.  (Details here).  There's lots of work to do between now and the 2012 Olympics.


Gwen said...

Lists are good. If there is one thing irritating in life it is when you need to get something done before the end of the day and then realize 6 weeks later that it was never done -- because it wasn't written down.
I'm a believer.

Melissa said...

A size 6? Oh, you poor thing! I'll be 62 next week, and the last time I was a size 6, was probably in junior high school!

Don't you worry about a thing, sweetie. The camera always adds a good ten pounds because of its two dimensional characteristics, and you still looked terrific in the pic you posted on your last blog entry. So glad you had a great time at SCC!

Melissa XX