Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend - musings

I wish I were still in bed. I was up before 6 on this Monday Labor Day and just couldn't get back to sleep. Sigh. Thankfully, I've got my coffee and am slowly waking up.

It has been a nice, quiet weekend. I've really enjoyed it so far and, like lots of people who are unofficially ending their summer over these three days, consider this holiday Monday to be an extension of it. It's my last "down" weekend in quite a while one quite a while - I don't expect to be here for a Saturday until mid or late October - so I'm taking the time to chill as best I can before things get busy on me. Again.

One of the things I've been wrapped up in lately is re-doing my website. For a little while I was too caught up in deciding what tool to use to get much done - there are so many options. I finally decided to use the iWeb on my Apple computers to see how that would work. Building the sites with it is fairly easy, and I've been converting things that I still want to include for several days now. On Friday I didn't even leave the house - I was working on it from mid-morning until midnight. Hours just seemed to fly by. I love it when that happens, when you're doing something you enjoy and become so engrossed in it that you lose track of time.

I've got a few questions to ask the Apple folks so I'll be going there tomorrow for another training session. If all goes well I hope to have at least a beta version of it published sometime next week. It won't have everything from my entire existing site, but I don't want to get too far into it to find that the pages take too long to load or some other problem that might cause me to rethink this strategy.

Part of the fun of it, as well, has been looking at all the old photos and videos from years gone by. It's fascinating to me how things have progressed and changed. My "look" has changed over the years - my favorite look I think was in 2008 or so. I had a fairly short hairstyle and everything seemed pretty together. I was a little heavier than I am now, too, and my weight has always been a double edged sword. When I gain a little weight I have good fullness in my face and butt, but also feel a little too thick around the middle. When I'm down to a good sized waist (I'm a size 6 at the moment) I feel a little too thin in other areas. Sigh.

Next week at this time I'll just be getting back from SCC in Atlanta. It's pretty early this year - I'm actually happy about that. I'm scheduled to arrive on Thursday night so perhaps I'll see you in the lobby if you're planning to be there.

I've got quite a bit to do between now and when my flight leaves Thursday. I'm confident I'll fit it all in. Somehow.

As for this long weekend - it's still hot here in the desert (108 yesterday) but it really doesn't feel that bad (and it's getting cooler!). A friend and I went to the movies Saturday and had a nice time. Some friends invited me over to their house last night for burgers and I stayed pretty late - we had a very nice time there as well.

I'm balancing the eating component of this Holiday weekend with some running and stretching. I've never been able to bend forward and touch my hands to the ground while keeping my legs straight - flexibility has never been one of my strong points. Muscle mass and tone, yes. Muscle flexibility, little or none. Anyway, one of my friends teaches yoga and Pilates and I've set a goal of doing the stretching and exercises to loosen up so I'll be able to touch my toes by the end of the year. We'll see how it goes.

In news that very few people except me probably care about - the World Wrestling Championships are happening in Moscow this week. I'm following it online. The Women's Freestyle events happen a little later in the week but I'll be following.

Now that I've canceled my cable I'm finding other things that are available on my TV. I don't watch my TV all that much in the first place, and I'm going to be traveling for a bit, so it's not like I expect any withdrawals or anything. One cool thing is I can get all kinds of streaming video to the TV using the USB connection on my DVD player.

One of the channels is a channel that shows coming attractions for new movies - it's like going to the movies and seeing the previews with no movie that actually follows. Funny thing is - I enjoy it. And the best part is - it's free (except for my NetFlix account, which I can stream directly to the TV). I'm also going to investigate the new Apple TV just announced last week to see if it would add anything. I like options.

Last year Labor Day was a highlight of the entire summer. We took the boat out and set anchor overnight. It was like camping out on water and I'd never slept on a boat like that before. It was another "first".

 The sunset was absolutely spectacular, and has come to symbolically represent the sunset on summer in general and, in retrospect, a number of other things in my world as well. Here are a couple of pics of the sun going down in the islands off Charleston that evening:

When I went to bed the seas were rocky and rough but I woke up sometime around midnight or 1 am and things were eerily calm. I went up on deck and there was a full moon beaming like a spotlight down behind us. The tides were pulling the water past us and it was, like, flowing and glowing glass moving behind us. It was way cool.

We had a lantern tied to the bow of the boat to warn other boaters and act as kind of a guide.  That bow light is sort of symbolic in a way, as well, of life directions and the need for flickers of light in the dark.

Very cool stuff.  (Getting that photo to come out with a rocking boat and with no light isn't as easy as you'd think).

Here's to hoping that everyone has a pleasant and safe Labor Day!

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