Sunday, February 20, 2011

Halfway Gone

This morning I wake in little Crossville TN.  I drove 600+ miles yesterday on my way to Texas and sot here about midnight.  It's just about time to hit the road again.  I've got another 800 miles to drive today to get to my mom's.  I'll cover most of Tennessee, across Arkansas, and into TX.

I actually stayed at this hotel on my way east to Harrisburg in October, and I would have gotten farther than this except for a semi accident that closed down I-81 for 2 1/2 hours.  It's fascinating to see what people do when they're parked in the middle of an interstate and unable to move.  The guy in front of me was walking and feeding his dog.  The guy behind me was pacing.  The family behind him was taking pictures of each other posed on top of their car against the backdrop of a 3 mile line of traffic on a beautifully sunny (but windy) Saturday afternoon.  Anyway, when things like that happen there are zero other options except to wait it out and I did.  The only thing I lost wasn't patience - just time.

I figured I'd drop a quick note here before heading on the road again.  If all goes well (car, traffic, weather, health) I'll be at mom's tonight.  And, I'll make the final little drive to Austin to get the dogs tomorrow.  Depending on a number of things I'll probably spend tomorrow night at mom's, too, so I can wake up in her house on my birthday before hitting the road for the long drive back.

That's it from here.  Thanks to everyone I chatted with yesterday who helped to pass the time, and an early thanks to those who I'll talk to today.  When you've done this as many times as I seem to have done it having good phone chats not only passes the time but it provides good opportunities to catch up on things because the conversations aren't time-boxed by ending something and starting something else.

Anyway - happy Sunday!  And, off we go....

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sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

I had a few people check in to my hotel that were caught in that very same traffic jam... I'm guessing since your on I81 going south that you passed right by me, The hotel I work for is in Troutville Va.....Safe traval... n Happy B-Day