Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Weight

As I type this I am 7 pounds lighter than I was on Monday.  I weighed myself after my sweaty workout tonight and I'm within 3 lbs of the target.  I'm feeling much better about that.

I didn't say that I have any energy.  Or that I think what I'm doing is in any way healthy.  Exactly the contrary.  But getting within striking distance give me some freedom to be a little less crazed about it for the next day or so.  Each of the last two days all I've had to eat is a hard-boiled egg, and some soup.  My burst of energy from the weekend is gone, but I haven't hit the wall of nothing-in-the-tank that I nicked a couple of weeks ago.  I'm focused and generally good right now.  But tired.

Tonight I spend some time on what seems like a uniquely wrestling piece of exercise equipment.  It's called an Aerodyne bicycle, and compared to some of the most current aerobic technologies it's absolutely ancient.  But it's incredibly effective, and the only place I see them is around wrestlers.  The 20 or 25 of them at the Citadel are in various stages of disrepair so you can tell they've all gotten lots and lots of use.  There's one in particular I like.

It works your arms more than you'd think, and your legs too.  So if you keep a good pace for 25 minutes or more it reminds you that you're working hard.  Anyway - tonight I did, and it did.  If I had an extra hour or 90 minutes tomorrow I'd go and find one.  But the day is packed end to end so I doubt I'll get that chance.

Last night I slept better than any night over the past few weeks.  It was truly blissful.  I think I had as much good, solid sleep last night as the previous three nights combined.  It's amazing what exhaustion can do for you.

I'll need the energy for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow I've got to pack, then I've got meetings all morning starting at 8:30.  My flight leaves Charleston shortly after noon and I land in Grand Rapids, MI at dinnertime.  I'm meeting some folks for a bite to eat (NOT soup) then I'll try to get to bed.  Friday I talk at an event at Grand Valley State, I'll work out at the gym (dare I hope for an Aerodyne?!), and I've got a 7pm flight into Cedar Rapids, IA.  I'll rent a can when I get there for the 2 hour drive to Cedar Falls so I don't expect to tuck myself in before midnight.

I bring my scale with me to these things.  My wake-up weight determines how sadistic I'll need to get on  Saturday.  Another uniquely wrestling torture implement is a plastic suit, and I've got one of those packed as well.  I'm ready to do what it takes.

Why?  Because this is the big time.  This is a dream.  This is something I only recently started to dream I could even attempt to achieve.  It...of the Olympics (details here).  The first and second place finishers this weekend receive an invitation to the US Olympic Team Trials later in April.  That's an incredible achievement no matter who you are.

Video of the entire event will be streamed live (here's the link).  Women's freestyle competition is on Sunday, but I don't know what times I'll be out there.

That's way too much talking about wrestling, so I'm sorry for that.  But that and work have consumed my life right now so I'm living and breathing this stuff right now.  The reality that this could be my last tournament is very much on my mind.  And, if not, the next step is a huge one.  Either way, all I can do is my best.

Off to bed....tomorrow at this time I'll be in Michigan.  And Friday night....I'll be in Iowa.

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Zeke said...

Good Luck,Donna !!This match IS A BIG DEAL !!Those of us who "get it" never tire of your wrestling tales.I'll keep a lookout for your results online,Zeke.