Monday, March 26, 2012

Odd Day

I don't often provide two updates in one day.  I don't often go to the gym two times in one day either.  But I've done both in the same day.  This is truly a first.

It was an odd day.  I was at the gym at lunchtime and got an email asking if I would do an interview for CNN on the Miss Universe Canada mess at 3:20.  I figured I could get my workout done, get showered and over to the studio by the time they said.  Well, I was headed over there when I got a call saying that the studio wasn't available anymore so I came home to Skype it.  Just as well.  I was dialed in doing work before and after.

I think it went well.  Doing live interviews with someone you can't see can take a bit of getting used to, but I've gotten comfortable that the words will just come in some form or another.  It'd be nice if you could actually think about the questions before answering, but this kind of thing requires that you say something at least somewhat intelligent, and sound-bite size.

One of the guys a bit up the food chain from me at work called just to ask how I'm doing.  That's another first.  Ever, I think.  This is the same person who once told me when I noted that he rarely called that not calling was a good sign.  So when he called today and asked how I was doing I was a little suspicious at first that perhaps there was something going on that, if I had known, would make me feel less than good.  But he assured me all is fine.  I actually appreciated his call....

I'm here in Charleston tomorrow and Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon I fly to Grand Rapids, Michigan for an event at Grand Valley State University.  Then Friday I fly to Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I'll rent a car and drive a couple of hours to Cedar Falls.  Weigh In is Saturday at 4, after which I'll eat myself into a carb-induced coma (assuming I make weight) OR I'll start drowning my sorrows (if I don't).  Competition is Sunday.

Dr. Oz is having a trans-themed show later this week (details here).  I wish they'd stop using goofy titles like that - I think Oprah had a similar title for one of her yearly trans shows.  But he's got good people on, so I assume it was well done.

Back to this Miss Universe thing.  The things that really galls me is that they're lying.  They're lying thru their teeth, trying to make Jenna look like some kind of deceitful villain.  Make no mistake - there's a villain here, and it's not Jenna.  Their contention that they didn't know ahead of time is a bunch of hooey.  And this whole rigamarole about updating their rules in 2003 with a clause disqualifying trans contestants, despite the fact no record of this mysterious "rule" exists - that's a bunch of hooey as well.  Spin control.  Statements like "We consider her to be a woman" reek of conniving spin control.  It's disgusting.

The first thing the interviewer today asked is how this thing makes me feel, and I told her it makes me feel sad.  It does.  But make no mistake, it infuriates me as well (can you tell?!).  Jenna is a victim, and every tacky morning radio show in North America will be making fun of her because of it. It has already started.

She started hormones at 14.  She had SRS at 19.  We're living in a time where kids are can find the resources to address their situations in an empathetic way early on in hopes of giving them the best chance to just move on in life.  But this is another of those situations where we find ourselves looking back over our shoulders for someone looking to use it against us.  Whether it's a relationship, an employer, or something else - it does make me sad that for everything we've accomplished over the years we still have to deal with this crap.

From everything I've seen she's handling it all well and I hope that continues.

I hope I can focus all this frustration on the mat this weekend.  Now THAT would be cool.

When they introduced me on CNN today they referred to me as a "transgender activist".  I remember a time when both of those words made me uncomfortable, and others used them to describe me but I wouldn't use them myself.  But not anymore.  I simply consider myself as someone trying to do the right thing.  If that makes me an activist, well, guilty as charged.  Ten times out of ten.

You know what's twisted?  Watching "Drive-In's, Diners and Dives" on the Food Channel when you're losing ten pounds in a week.  Crazy.  This guy has the best job in the world.  Honestly.  If he ever wants to retire or if there's a spin-off - I'm there, ready willing and able.  Ten Times out of ten.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I'm all over that guy, though I can't imagine I'd be able to even take half the bites of the food he does, let alone eat some of the complete meals. Though lots of the food look incredibly delicious!

sweetbrandigirl2004 said...

Donna in this situation I agree with you only because this women is a post-op transexual that the fix is in, and that is due to the Trump who owns the Miss Universe Inc he's a homophobic, transphobic and any other phobic you can think of. I also think that they made this imaginary rule up and like you this infuriates me that its being used against a transsexual women.

Lana Moore said...


I am so glad to hear that you are comfortable when they call you an "activist," after all, isn't being proud of who we are what it's all about? I also like the example you set of rising above the language to focus on what is truly important: doing the right thing.

As for Jenna, I believe the irony is that ultimately, the opposition she is getting will likely bring much more meaning to her quest for Miss Universe than it would have otherwise held had they simply treated her as the woman that she is. These things have a way of backfiring when the truth wills out.

On a personal note... I'm sending you much positive energy for your competition this weekend! :)

~Lana xo