Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tired but energized.

I mentioned in a recent post that I've been a bit sleep deprived lately.  You know why?  Because my days are so crazed that I don't finish wrestling until 8pm, that's why.  For some reason, exercising hard after 6 gets juices flowing in me that keep a-flowing for a long time.  That'd be fine, except that it either keeps me awake or wakes me up early and prevents me from falling back to sleep.  I was up at 4:30 this morning - no going back to sleep.

Speaking of wrestling, I had a great practice last night.  I've got good generally flowing overall - lots of energy for some reason - and it spilled over into wrestling.  I hope I'm feeling similarly perky at this time next month.  I made hotel arrangements for the Final Olympic Trial Qualilfier tournament in Iowa.  The countdown is on - 30 days to go and I'm so focused on it right now it's not even funny.  I've got to finish first or second to qualify for the Trials so that's the goal.  I'm very focused on it.

There are a couple of significant product announcements coming up that have me kinda excited.  In one, Canon will announce the release of its new Canon 5D Mark III on March 2 (see details if you'd like).  And next week - on March 7 - the world welcomes the long awaited introduction of iPad 3 (details here).  Time to start saving up my pennies.

I don't go out of my way to talk about the Human Rights Campaign anymore, nor do I NOT talk about them.  As I've moved on in my life after serving in my various capacities there they've become pretty irrelevant to me.  I'm not all that mad anymore but as I explained a long time ago, whatever part of me still could give a damn won't give a damn until and unless there's some closure there and there hasn't been.

HRC President Joe Solmonese is leaving the organization so there will be someone new in charge there soon.  Joe was recently named as one of 35 co-chairs for the Obama campaign (details here).  I recently provided my formal support to the Obama campaign and that hasn't changed.  All I'll say about that is that if they're going to ask me to do anything it'd be wise not to have Joe doe it.  There's no closure there, either.

I digress.  The reason I started to write about HRC in the first place was to highlight a tool that they published last week specific to trans related insurance coverage (see it here).  I wouldn't even mention it other than the people directly involved with it, Jamison Green and Andre Wilson, are THE right people to present the topic.  I'm not here to defend it, criticize it, or otherwise comment on it.  I'm simply sharing its existence for those who might find it useful as a tool.

Anyways, enough of that....

I'm going for labwork tomorrow morning.  It's time for my annual blood check-up.  It's not just a minor detail in my world as previous labs have highlighted some potential kidney concerns that required attention this past year.  Plus, knowing cholesterol levels, hormone levels, and other "stuff" just seems to get more important the older I get. 

It's supposed to be 80 degrees here today.  I won't be able to enjoy it.....I'm booked with meetings through 5:30, then I'm off to spend some quality time on a treadmill.  Life is good!  :)


Sophie Lynne said...

It seems like an interesting paper they released.

Now if transpeople can get access to that coverage...

by getting hired...

I digress. I hope your appointment goes well! :)

A Wilson said...

Thanks for the shout out for Jamison Green & Associates, Donna! There are certainly some things I'd add to or tweak about the HRC tool on trans-inclusive benefits if we put it out today, but it is an excellent summary for anyone working on this issue. -- Andre