Thursday, March 21, 2013

Coming Out

The Open Water dives are over, and I'm now a PADI certified Open Water diver.  The trip was great, the entire experience was wonderful, and all I can say is that I'm looking forward to using my newfound skills on a regular basis.

Devil's Hole, FL - certification diving

One thing I know about both myself and a certain someone is that we're both wired in a way that pushes us to do more.  There are a number of other PADI courses including life-saving, Nitrox, and more advanced Open Water courses that increase knowledge and capabilities.  I expect we'll be taking more of these over the next few weeks but for now, we're both enjoying our achievement.

Other things have happened this week.  It seems my son has comfortably relocated from Austin to Boulder, CO and now has a place to live and not one but two full-time and the other for some extra cash.  Apparently, he's digging the weather there and sounds very happy which in turn makes me very happy.  It can be a scary thing to move out of your comfort zone for a city where you've never been and never lived and having to start from nothing but that what he's done.  I'm proud of him.

I got my the stitches removed from the incision on my back today.  The good news there is that all seems to be healing well, and the report on the cyst from the path lab came back indicating it was a typical, nothing-to-worry-about cyst.  I'm glad on both counts.

I was helping a certain someone get her lawn going which reminded me how much I enjoy doing yardwork.  I suppose it's easy for me to say that now, while we're experiencing 50 and 60 degree days. But I truly have no problem doing it during the hotter, steamier days of the summer as well.  Over the course of my vagabond life in recent years I just haven't had a yard or a lawn to work on.  Anyway, it was enjoyable but in a couple of weeks it's going to be long and green...that's when the real fun starts.

I started going to the gym again.  I did a spin class yesterday (killer), and spent and hour running and doing leg work on Tuesday.  It was nice to get back to the familiar routine of the gym and I'm making a  definite effort to ensure that I integrate it better into my overall life.  I have missed NOT going.  The familiar burn in my arms tonight is comforting.

Needless to say, I have been enjoying my days lately.  I realize that all things eventually end but the extended stay at "home" is exactly what the doctor ordered.  I think I've mentioned in the past that the building I live in is considered "historic" and we've got some pretty and historically relevant landscaping in the back yard and so today was one of those days where they invited people into the yard to explain its significants.  There were dozens of people waiting to get back there all afternoon.

I'll finish by sharing the short version of a recent "coming out"experience.  One of the people over the course of my life who I've never forgotten is the girl I invited to my senior prom. I had made up my mind to NOT go to this thing, but for a variety of relevant reasons she was my date.

We made a nice couple, I think.  And one thing led to another and it wasn't long until we were dating.  She was sweet, funny pretty - I remember her with tremendous fondness.  Eventually I  moved back to the States (she lived in Nova Scotia) and that ended that.  But I haven't ever forgotten her.

So, a couple of years ago I find her online and get the itch to call and say 'hi'.  She's a doctor in Nova Scotia now and has done very well for herself.  I called and we eventually connected and, honestly, in our 20 minute conversation the "trans" thing never came up.  I know that seems a little odd because that's one of the things I specifically did want to mention but there was never a convenient place to drop it so it never got dropped.

Well, last summer I found her on FB and sent her a note explaining all that we didn't discuss the first time around.  I didn't hear back and figured that was that.  But she finally did write back.  Today.  We've had what has seemed like a very pleasant conversation, and it was nice to talk with her again.

Spring is officially here, but you couldn't prove it by me.  We're going thru a bit of a chilly spell here.  Temperatures are 15-20 degrees lower than normal, and I have no problem admitting that I've been chilly....sometimes, just plain COLD.  There's a frost warning our for tonight.  Are you kidding me?!  I just planted a lawn, for heaven's sake.  Anyway, I'll be glad when we get into next week and things are back to normal.

As for now....I could stay up to watch my team play it's NCAA game  or retreat to the warmth of my bed.  I'm just being honest....bed is gonna win.  I'm looking forward to Friday.

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