Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slowing Down

It's a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon.  The week has been cooler than normal, but this is the first rain we've seen in a while.  I'm actually happy about it as I spent time this week fertilizing and planting a lawn so the water will help it do what needs to be done.

Today has also been my first "down" day in a while.  I did some target practice at the range this morning, then headed to the gym to do my penance for having a belated birthday dinner (with desert!) last night.  It was a good workout, and the combination of gray day, muscles tired, and finally letting things slow down is making for a pretty lazy afternoon.  I have things that I could/should be doing (as always) but I wouldn't be surprised if a short nap were next.  I've been watching the NCAA Wrestling Championships consolation bouts - the finals are tonight.

Against my better judgement I got on the scale this afternoon so I know how much I weigh now.  Ugh. I also know how much I need to lose, which is a double digit number.  I'm not feeling totally like a lug at the moment - feeling pretty good actually - but I know the numbers I like to stay between and I'm above that range right now.  The combination of travel, lack of workout time, and general "life" stuff provided opportunities for both eating more than usual and taking a much needed break from the gym.  Anyway, I'm back!

Fallon Fox, the MMA fighter, did an interview on No Holds Barred earlier this week (listen to it here).  I'm glad she did.  I did an interview with Eddie last week (listen to it here) and I think we both covered some important territory.  Will it sway the haters?  Of course not.  But Fallon needed an opportunity to say what she wanted to say in an environment that didn't have an agenda, and this was it.

We went to see "Olympus Has Fallen" yesterday.  It was more like the kind of movie you'd expect to see mid-summer, and the closest comparison I can make is that it's like "Die Hard" at the White House. Lots of shooting, action, not very deep - but I can actually envision Morgan Freeman as President.  Anyway, it was ok.

And that, my friends, is it for today.  Short and sweet.  Feeling good.  Onwards!

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