Monday, March 25, 2013


It poured yesterday.  For hours and hours, from midnight thru noon.  Driving sheets of rain, wind, spectacular lightning and booming was pretty spectacular.  

My backyard, flooded

In front of the house....we were fortunate because other streets were totally flooded

Power was out, and the street was closed

BUT.....spring is here!

No complaints here, given the water and the damage in other parts of the city or the snow bearing down on the central US right now.  Today is supposed to be clear, cool, and windy and it looks like we'll have at least a week to dry out.

Same-sex marriage is scheduled to be debated in the Supreme Court this week, Prop 8 on Tuesday and DOMA on Wednesday.  Although the outcomes won't be announced until June it's a big deal.

As for me, I'm still of the opinion that the single most important piece of legislation that would affect the day-to-day lives of trans-people is ENDA.  Reports last week indicate that a new version of it will be introduced next month by Jared Polis (story here).  The truth, as the story points out, is that it has little chance of passing in any form....still....or, again.  But that can't and shouldn't prevent us from continuing to push the issue.

As a child, if anyone ever told me that I'd see legal same-sex marriage in this country during my lifetime I would have been doubtful but here we are.  I feel the same way about ENDA - it will eventually get passed.  I just hope I live long enough to see it.

I seem to be particularly clumsy lately.  Last week it was my bashed little toe.  This morning it's my right ankle.  The sidewalks in Charleston are particularly treacherous and while I was walking the dogs last night I twisted it and there was lots of cracking and popping. I hope it's just a bit of a sprain, but I may play it safe and go get it x-rayed today.  Sigh.

I watched the NCAA Wrestling Championships on Sunday night.  It's like the Super Bowl for me.  The wrestler from the Citadel who was my sparring partner last year during my training came in 4th in his weight class and was named as an All-American.  Congratulations to him, and to all who competed.

My basketball team, Syracuse, also moved into the Sweet 16 and will be playing #1 seed Indiana.  My fingers are crossed.

Time to feed the dogs, get some breakfast, and get the day going.  Til next time.....

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As alaways thanks heaps for sharing these precious moments with us.