Friday, April 19, 2013

Interesting Times

We are living in "interesting" times.  Over the past week the news has been consumed by the bombings at the Boston Marathon and the ensuing manhunt, the arrest of a woman for the murders of a DA, his wife and an assistant DA in Texas, a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant just outside of Waco TX, and lost in all of this, the failure in the Senate to pass new gun control legislation.  I haven't seen North Korea making headlines in over a week which is a welcome change.

As for me - I've alluded to the fact that I've got a number of big things going on in my own life.  One is finding my next contract.  I like the fact that my projects have a specific beginning and end, and I very much enjoy my "me" time in the middle.  But it's time for me to find another project and that effort is now seriously under way.  I expect that it will very likely take me away from Charleston during the week similar to my most recent project in Raleigh, but I've made the decision that if I do need to go someplace (a) it needs to be someplace I can fly to for a reasonable cost - my days of driving 1000+ plus miles per week are done and (b) I'd prefer to go someplace I've already been (that means you, Austin and Phoenix).

Part of the bigger picture involves the fact that I've decided to move at the end of the month.  As much as I love living downtown, my practical side has convinced my impetuous side that a more realistic long-term arrangement involves more than this historic one-bedroom apartment.  I'd prefer not to have a roommate or share a space, I don't want an apartment, I want something that's got some space around it, and I'd like a "home" so I'm looking at house that are "farther out" to rent.  I saw one yesterday that I really liked.

Part of my packing includes going through boxes I've got and lightening my load by throwing some things away.  I came across a box that included the champagne glasses from my wedding - they really have no  value to me anymore.

They've been in a box along with my wrestling singlet from 1979 and some other things.  It's all in my trash bag now.

I'm a nostalgic person and like to keep what I'll call "memorabilia" from events in my life but I'm ambivalent when it comes to my wedding.  It was a lifetime ago.  

I suppose that's a lifelong process - gaining new things in life and letting go of old things.  Anyway - it continues.

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Gwen said...

I'm not sure of your other stuff, but things like those goblets shouldn't be just landfilled -- try offering them to someplace like a jewelry store / wedding shop or even a pawn shop. At least someone else might be able to use them (but having BTDT, I understand wanting to part with them)