Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Company

I had originally hoped to go to Phoenix this week.  As with many things in my life, general "plans" didn't play out to be reality....too many other things going on right now, original plane fares that were affordable suddenly disappeared, life just got in the that moment has passed.

I had a very pleasant Easter.  I've got some friends who have become like "family" here who invited me (and the pups) to dinner.  It was delightful.

These last several days were originally forecast to be rainy and brisk.  They have been wonderful.  The rain moves in tonight, though, and we'll get a couple of days of it....good for lawns and flowers.  The city is already flooded with out-of-towners here on Spring Break vacations, for various University functions as their school year winds down, and the usual crush of people who come here in the spring to enjoy all the beautiful colors and aromas.

I saw that there is a Trans 100 List out there, and am glad that there is something to recognize all the amazing work being done - most of it quietly - to support the trans "movement".  By "movement" I mean the effort to move us from a marginalized minority to a relatively mainstream one that is able to transcend the tired, old stereotypes.  When I was young - heck - even ten years ago when I was busy w/ HRC - I would have had a hard time naming two dozen trans people who were quietly making things happen.  The fact that we've got 100, and I'm sure that there are many more not on the list, is tremendously encouraging.  We need to provide these kinds of forums of visibility.  Why?  Because nobody else does.

I have always envisioned the community as going through the growing pains of infancy as we find out who we are, how all the various "flavors" that comprise the many communities involved can find a common direction, and we can escape the need for larger, non-trans focused organizations who don't get it and never will to define our needs, our agendas, and our heroes.  Anyway - this is nice to see.

A certain someone took a photo of me playing with the pups on her lawn yesterday.  It's not the most glamorous or graceful photo, but it's a good candid of me and my dogs.  Maggie is loving a tummy scratch and Cody just likes being near.  He sleeps on the foot of my bed, and truth be told although they cause all kinds of logistical challenges for me that are causing me some angst at the moment but they're good company and...well....they're family.

From time to time a song comes along that hits me for some reason.  Sometimes I know the reason.  Sometimes, I don't.  Or at least perhaps I do but I don't want to face it.  Same difference.  But it stirs emotion in me and as far as I'm concerned that's the beauty of art whether it be a song, a video, a movie, a book, a photograph, or whatever.

Anyway, one of those songs is the latest by Maroon 5 titled "Daylight".  I love the video for it:

There's another, longer version video version that's equally as compelling (link here).

I've got a lot of my mind at the moment.  Lots needs to happen this month, some of which I'm going to like and some of which I'm not.  Regardless, decisions will be made, chapters will end, and others will begin.  In other continues, as usual.


Mae West said...

Good luck with your next job, Donna! I hope that you can find one close to Charleston.

Sophie Lynne said...

I'm very glad you had a Wonderful Easter!