Thursday, April 11, 2013

So little time.

I did some yard work yesterday and got my first bit of sun since last summer.  It felt good.  Despite the fact that I've had a melanoma I won't hide from the sun.  Rather, being "wise" about sun screen, preventing significant burning, and 6-month dermatologist skin check-ups is my way of balancing the risks and the healthy benefits of the sun.  I choose to live in places that are warm and sunny, so it's more a matter of coming to peace with that relationship than hiding from it.  Anyway, it felt good to do some work outside - it was well worth the itchy ant bite on my thumb.

Last week I wrote about a list that had been compiled honoring the work of 100 notable trans people for the work they're doing.  The full list was recently published (see it here).  I mentioned at the time that I'm not a big fan of lists, but it's nice to see that there are so many of us out there doing important work and getting recognition for it.  I'm of the opinion that any list of trans recognition that doesn't have Jamison Green (in my mind, he's the ultimate) on it has missed something but I'm sure that anyone who considers any list has their own version of people who should or shouldn't be included.  I don't think anyone does this work does it to be recognized for it, they do it because it's important and it needs to be done.  Re-congratulations to ALL who are working so hard on moving the mountain for trans visibility and equality.

I typically sit down at my computer twice a day - once in the morning when I get up and once in the evening.  My morning visit is typically combined with a cup of coffee, and a quick scan of the news.  Current headlines are about events in the world: N. Korea, gun legislation, a situation where firefighters in GA were held hostage, the Dow Jones, etc.  One gruesome story caught my eye about a man who walked into a Home Depot and started cutting his arms off with saws (story here).  Oy.

On another note, I watched the ceremonial beginning of the Masters this morning.  I don't play golf - I don't even really watch it.  But the opening featured drives by Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer.  Those are all names from my childhood - names that personified golf.  My dad would spend Sunday afternoons watching it (or bowling....yeesh), and although the rules (and skill) of the game eluded me those are the names I remember.  Anyway, it was oddly nostalgic to watch these three people still hitting the ball.  Afterwards, Jack Nicklaus mentioned that he could hear the ball land which gives an indication of how far it went which made me smile.  Time doesn't stand still for any of us.  Anyway, I'm glad I saw that.

Well, I've got a number of things to do today and thru the weekend so I'll keep this short and get at it.  So much to little time.  :)

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Sophie Lynne said...

Any Translist without Donna Rose is questionable.