Sunday, August 18, 2013


So, the good news is that I slept well on my new used mattress last night.  As I mentioned yesterday - it's softer than I'd choose if I planned to keep it for a long time.  But it'll do for now.

I was channel surfing this morning and came across a movie on Cinemax titled "Kinky Boots".  Despite the titillating title, it was a based-on-a-true-story feel-good kind of movie.  I did a little checking and found that it had also become a Broadway play with lyrics penned by Cyndi Lauper, and won several Tony Awards last year.  Who knew?  Obviously, I don't travel in those circles.

Anyway - I was pleasantly surprised.

I like to be pleasantly surprised....almost as much as I dislike being unpleasantly surprised.  I suppose both are part of life.

The weather here has been amazing lately, and that stretch is forecast to continue through the entire week.  Sunny, highs in the low 80's, low humidity for at least the last week, probably more.  Just wonderful.  Back home in Charleston it has been raining like crazy.  I spoke with friends in Phoenix yesterday who said that they're in the middle of a heat advisory....that usually doesn't happen unless it gets 112 or more.  Sheesh.  Anyway - I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Several months ago we drove from Charleston to Miami for the boat show there.  It was a wonderful trip.  We were specifically interested in the sailboats, and it was the first time I've ever been around these kinds of things.

I mentioned yesterday how much I enjoy drooling over the new Corvettes.  Well, we looked at a number of boats and manufacturers in Miami.  The Corvette of all of them - by far my favorite - is made by Passport Boats.  They were crazy amazing - the layout, all the beautiful wood, just......amazing.  Perhaps way out of my league - I realize that.  But that doesn't stop me from admiring them.

They follow up with me from time to time.  Their US office is in Annapolis, and I'm hoping to visit during the Annapolis Boat show in October.  I've thought about what I'd want more - a nice house or one of these nice 45 or 50 feet long sailboats.  I know what the answer is.

Those things will have to wait for now.  As nice as the weather has been, I'm in the middle of the country so days there isn't a sailboat like that within a thousand miles of here.  But life is about dreaming, and I continue to dare to dream.  As anyone reading this already knows - dreams do come true.


paintsnfun said...

I love that movie. It's one of a select few that I'll watch every time I see it being shown.

I was just in Annapolis. We had dinner at a seaside restaurant and later took a short boat ride from the restaurant back to the landing near where we were staying. It was beautiful. Our host showed us many of those boats. She even knew who owned some of them. Incredible!

Sophie Lynne said...

Annapolis is beautiful!

Sailboats look so wonderful and inviting.

But then i remember that I get sea sick. LOL

Dreams Do come true. You are living proof! :)