Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Some misc ramblings tonight.

I'm trying to make my flight arrangements to Atlanta for SCC.  Talk about ridiculous.  I can book a one-way flight from Omaha to Charlotte with a stop over in Atlanta, for $137.  Needless to say, I'd get off in Atlanta. OR, I could book that exact same flight as non-stop to Atlanta.  The cost for that would be....over $600.  Get that?

OR I could book a 1-stop flight from Omaha to Atlanta with a layover...ironically...in Charlotte.  That'd cost me more than double the $137.

The flight home is crazy, too.

Needless to say, I've gotten pretty good at making flight arrangements over the years so these kinds of little games are often unpleasant but necessary.  Ugh.  No wonder traveling can get so tiring.

I'm flying two time zones away this week to do a corporate training event in Northern CA.  I'll be there for less than 24 hours.  Again...no wonder traveling can get so tiring.

I'm headed back to Charleston for a couple of days in a couple of weeks.  The flight arrangements there are similarly complicated.  But necessary.  All that is over the next 3 weeks.....plus, the day-to-day excitement that is my life.

My iPhone is like a train wreck.  I shared a photo of it almost 2 years ago - shortly after I dropped it and cracked the face.  I could have taken it to the Apple Store and gotten it fixed.  But I didn't - as far as I'm concerned the shelf life of a phone is a year - so as long as it worked I could live with it.

Between then and now the phone has progressively gotten worse.  Gravity is not my friend.  Lots more cracking.  Pieces have fallen off....in chunks  But I've got to give them some credit....it's still working.

What am I waiting for?  The next iPhone model?  Hardly.  I'm waiting for my contract with my provider to end so I can finally get out of my contract with them without having to pay them extra for it.  They did me wrong a few years ago and I haven't forgotten.  I've been patient.  The contract ends in a couple of months.  Then - ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

I got a Facebook friend invitation from people whose profile photo is of one woman sucking on another woman's boob.  While I enjoy sucking on boobs as much as the next person, I'm not going to expose some of my friends (like my nieces and nephews, and other more casual friends) to that kind of thing.  Same for people who post photos of themselves sitting in a chair with their legs spread wide.  Not gonna happen.  There's a little something called "class" involved.

Speaking of boobs, let's talk about bras for a moment.

All of my bras are from Victoria's Secret.  I'm very loyal, and although they're admittedly expensive they fit me like a glove.  The engineering of these things borders on amazing.  Really.  The way they're built with support here, and lift there, and comfortable...just, well, amazing.  I've got a couple of favorites that are sadly ready to retire.   But, I've got others to take their place.

Another fave that I've mentioned before is Pandora.  I listen to it while I'm at work, while I'm working out, sometimes even in the car.  One of my favorite current channels is my Daughtry channel.  Every song is one I like.

Part of the reason I enjoy Pandora is that it plays music I wouldn't have otherwise heard. For some reason, they sprinkle songs by young country singer Hunter Hayes into the mix.  I wouldn't have thought it would be a good fit, but I've come to enjoy his songs.  I don't have much country music, but now I've got Hunter.

I checked out a couple of his videos.  He looks like a kid, but then again so does Justin Bieber.  I've heard one of his songs before.  This video has over 36 million views.  That's crazy.  The words are absolutely wonderful.  So meaningful....

Lastly - I went out to my truck today and found a note on the windshield.  Apparently, someone had been backing out of a parking spot and smacked into the front corner of my truck.  They left a contact number so I've already spoken with them.  The truck must have been backing up quickly, as it did quite a bit of damage.

I'm not too bothered by it (yet) as I assume the right things will happen.  It will be an inconvenience, but these things happen in life.  I'm ok with inconveniences.  I wish I had parked frontwards into the parking spot, rather than backing in.  I've already got a couple of dings on the back bumper so it would have been much less noticeable.  :)

Anyway, I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow.  Time to clean up, to pack, and to get some rest.

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paintsnfun said...

Sorry about your truck.

I totally agree with you about Victoria Secret bras. While expense, not a huge amount more than other brands and they seem to fit the best and last a long time. I've tried other brands and they always go back to VS.

Safe flights! I just got home from Annapolis and had one flight delayed two hours by storms. Didn't get home till midnight, so it was a very long day.