Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Days....

These are the days....

I've enjoyed "the days" before.  I think the important thing is to (a) recognize 'em when you see 'em and (b) appreciate them before they're gone.

Simple things.  I sit down on the grass and the dogs want to lick my face so badly they won't be denied.  It makes me laugh out loud.  I took them for their last walk tonight - beautiful evening, pup chased a bunny in the dark but came bounding back because she didn't want to lose sight of me for too long.

Spending time with my son was energizing more than I realized.

There's a weekly thing at work called "Major Project Reviews" - I sit through it each week.  It can get pretty brutal depending on how well prepared and how consistent the PM presenting that week can be.  Tomorrow is finally my turn.  I'm as ready as I can be....we'll see how it goes.

Resilient.  There's a spider living in the bed of my truck.  He's been there for weeks.  Every night he creates a big, intricate web back there.  I marvel at it as I head off to work.  And every morning, by the time I drive the 3 miles from door-to-door it's destroyed.

I've got to give this little guy credit.  He doesn't give up.  I expected that he'd be gone after my long drive to Denver this weekend, but he's still there.  Rock on, little dude.

This weekend I'm headed to Charleston, so that's energizing as well.  I've got lots to do while I'm there, including my bi-annual check-up to ensure that the melanoma hasn't returned, but the weather is supposed to be good and I'm planning to balance the work with the pleasure.

In other news, the California teen who was recently voted Homecoming Queen has had to deal with the difficult part of becoming visible - hatred (story here).  Poor thing.  Sadly, it comes with the territory...

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