Sunday, September 8, 2013

The last ten days...

There has been a bit of a lapse since my last addition here.  Life doesn't always lend itself to opportunities to slow down. Thankfully - things ARE slowing down.  So, here's the Cliff's Notes version of the last couple of weeks.

The long road trip last weekend was busy but uneventful.  That sounds a bit odd to say, but the reality is that 2200 miles of driving combined with some quality time with family doesn't leave much space for "extra" stuff.  The weather was fair, the roads were good, the traffic was manageable, and I was feeling good so the miles and the hours slowly ticked away without too much drama.

It was wonderful to see the whole family.  We don't get many opportunities to all be in the same place at the same time which was one of the main reasons to do this in the first place.  My niece hosted a wonderful Sunday brunch for everyone before I hit the road at noon on Sunday...

The Dinosaur BBQ
I call this one " Sunrise over LaQuinta
Interesting skies ahead...
Across the Mississippi River - getting back into Iowa..

Sometimes it takes a couple of days to recover from these kinds of drives but the main difference this time is that I didn't do any 900 or 1000 mile days.  The longest single day was around 650 miles which is relatively tame by my usual standards.  Thankfully, recovery last week was easy since I only had 2 days of down time before heading to Atlanta for SCC.

I started going to SCC in 2002 - a couple of years after SRS for me.  I attended all or part of the next 8 in a row.  Sometimes there was overlap between that and other obligations but I always found a way to get there.  The main reason to get back was that it provided a singular annual opportunity to meet up with friends, and to make new ones.

I've missed the last couple of them for a number of reasons.  But I've been looking forward to going back - mostly for the same reasons I've always looked forward to it.  Now - as I sit in a plane somewhere over Oklahoma - I'm really glad I went.

One highlight was that a dear, dear, dear friend who I rarely see (for a variety of reasons) suddenly and unexpectedly showed up on Friday.  It was soooo wonderful to see her.  Another was the opportunity to catch up with good, much-loved friends from around the country who were there.  And, of course, there was the opportunity to finally meet some people I've gotten to know through FB and other avenues in person for the first person.  I saw what I hope to be enduring friendships take root.  All things considered - it was nice to be back.

Me and Sally
Tarah and Me
Me, Sally, Tarah
Me, Steph, Maria, Mel

I very much behaved myself. No over-eating.  Not all that much drinking.  Very little to excess.  Not enough sleep or exersize but that comes with the erritory, I suppose.  I'll admit that by mid-day yesterday I was running low on energy and I kept trying to get to my room to take a nap but that never happened.  By dinner time I'd gotten my second wind which was good.  But as each day passed I got back to my room earlier and earlier...1:30am Thursday after I arrived, 12:30 Friday, and 11:30pm last night.  This morning was the first morning I haven't had to set my alarm clock in weeks so waking up on my own was a nice pleasure.

Sunday morning at SCC is a unique time.  As everyone comes to the lobby in various levels of stupor to head back across the country to wherever home is there are good-bye's, and it can be a sad time.  I found this morning to be uplifting, and I'm glad I went.  Who knows when/if I'll have a chance to get back?  
Nobody on Marta this morning...
In a nutshell - that has been my last week and a half.  This was the third traveling long weekend in a row, but now things should calm down.  I expect to be home (not in Charleston - my "other" home) for at least the next couple of weeks so I've got a chance to stabilize a bit before the next road stint hits...

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Sophie Lynne said...

It really was wonderful seeing you at SCC! :)

Your session was fantastic!