Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's in the air.

It has been quite the week....

I ran 7 miles around a local lake with a friend on Saturday.

I went to Kansas City for a couple of days of relaxation over the long weekend.

Now that I'm back - it's very autumn-like....brisk, cold, gray.  The low tonight is supposed to be 39.

That said - the last week feels like it has been a month.

The run was farther than usual for me - I've made a new friend who pushes me farther than I would have otherwise gone.  It was almost fun.  It has helped me to set some new goals - in case you haven't noticed I'm very goal driven.  Goal #1: I plan to get into shape to hike the Grand Canyon - down Bright Angel trail to Phantom Ranch next spring.

I drove to Kansas City - 3 reasons.  Shopping....relaxation....and BBQ.  I achieved all 3 in spades.  I've got a "thing" for backpacks, and a "thing" for REI.  Put the two together and....well...there's 45-minutes of backpack-trying-on.  Now, I need a place to wear it.  I'd hike up Squaw Peak to train if I were in the Valley but, needless to say, we've got nothing quite like that here in what's about to become a tundra-like landscape.  So, I'll run.

The running was, like, pre-penance for the amount of BBQ I ate.  Sunday night I had dinner at Jack Stack.  I ate every bite.  Then, Monday I had something called a Z-man sandwich at Joe's BBQ (voted the nations "Manliest" BBQ over several impressive contenders, including my favorite - The Dinosaur)..

The Z-man Sandwich - brisket, provolone, BBQ sauce, and two onion rings.

It's heaven on a bun.  All I can say is that I'm glad they don't sell those things here because it would all be counter productive to the afore-mentioned training.

They're pretty happy - almost giddy - in Kansas City these days thanks to their undefeated football Chiefs.  Everything is red.  I remember similar excitement in Buffalo...nearly 20 years ago now.  Sheesh.

On the way home I stopped in a little town by I-29 to visit a friend's mom.  She's 97 years old and the last time I saw her was probably before I transitioned.  Anyway...it was so so nice to see her, and she was happy to see me too.  She's spunky, full of good energy and good attitude - I hope I can be half as spry in 10 years.  Anyway - it helps bring things back into perspective.  True friends, family, health.  Those things are truly priceless, and should never be forgotten.

With Lucy....

The pups had a good trip, too.  We had some good playing - and they had some good BBQ as well.

I'm making some large strides forward at the moment.  It's never too late.  In fact, when I stop moving forward I move backwards and I'm not going in that direction right now.  I'm not sure where tomorrow leads, but I'm headed there.

I've been emotional lately.  I watched an HBO special on Joe Namath the other night and almost cried at a couple of points....not sure why.  Tonight I'm watching one of those movies that I've seen dozens of times and would watch every time it's on - A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger.  It makes me laugh out loud, even after as many times as I've seen it.  One of the theme's of the movies is being able to change your stars, or your destiny.  It's something some of us know all too well.

Anyway - I am in touch with the breadth of my humanity right now.  I am breathing it deeply

Speaking of breathing deeply, when I lived in cold winters I had cold induced asthma and had an albuterol inhaler to protect my lungs.  I can already tell I'm going to need one.  I'm not ready to stop this breathing right now - cold, or warm.  It's the air that's important.

On the national level there's a story that's the kind of thing that makes me crazy.  A trans-woman in the Denver area was denied free local breast cancer screening because she's trans (story here).  She's gonna teach them a thing or two.

Change is in the air.  Know it.  Embrace it.  Savor it.

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Sophie Lynne said...

Change is a constant.

As the seasons change here in PA, and we prepare for the long cold winter, people start nesting (and football becomes the rule.)

Some changes are harder than others to bear.

But they must be bourne.

And I KNOW you'll do the hike. On time. In shape. And you will rock it! :)