Thursday, October 3, 2013

I continue to believe....

It is Thursday night.  I'm watching my Buffalo Bills - about to blow their 10 point lead.  Sigh.  

I have a bunch of disassociated, mostly mundane, things to write about tonight.

The trip home to Charleston over the weekend was wonderful, as usual.  It' was one of those rare weekends where I accomplish EVERYTHING I had intended to do.  Plus some....

Of particular note was my dermatology appointment.  After I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in Feb. 2009 one of the significant life changes was enhanced vigilance to ensure that if it re-appears we'll catch it early.  I find the sun to be a non-negotiable source of life in my world, so I refuse to hide from it for fear of making something bad happen.  I live in places where sun is abundant.  I don't hide under hats, or long sleeves, or SPF 100 lotions.  I'm aware of things, but I'm not afraid of sunlight and I think I balance things pretty well.

I go to the dermatologist every 6 months to endure a detailed screening.  They check my skin from my scalp to between my toes.  They check my lymph nodes.  As often as not they'll find something - usually on my back - that attracts their attention so they'll cut it off and get it checked (6 months ago it was a small cyst).  This time - thumbs up all around.  I didn't expect otherwise, but getting validation on these kinds of things is always reassuring.

My flights - in both directions - were on-time and without incident.  I'm hoping that means I've regained my airport mojo.  I seem to have lost it based on my experiences on my last few trips but this time it all went smoothly.  All in all - no complaints.  And, as usual, I was as sad to leave as I was happy to arrive.

Next topic: the government shut-down.  I'll share here that I work in a government facility.  As a result, the shut-down affects me directly.  I'm not furloughed - that is, I still get to show up and do my job - but at least 2/3 of the people I work with aren't so fortunate.  Some are government, some are contractors - but there are thousands facing an uncertain future where they don't know when they'll be allowed to return to work, or get paid again.  It's absolutely ridiculous.

I find that I've been on a cooking bender lately.  A couple of nights ago I made pork chops and Spanish Rice.  Last night I made baked ziti with Italian Sausage.  Tonight it was BLT's.  I'll need to control myself tomorrow as part of the problem is that cooking for 1 generally involves left-overs.  I'm thinking that tomorrow night will probably be pork chops again.  Good thing I enjoyed it first time around.  :)

A friend recently wrote to ask me why I'm always so "driven".  I honestly don't know what pushes me.  There seems to be so much I want to do in life, and only a finite amount of time.  Maybe it's making up for lost time, maybe it's stored up energy, maybe I'm compensating for something, maybe it's just the way I am.  I honestly can't answer.  But I know that my passion and my gusto are undimmed.  As I approach my 55th birthday in a few months I continue to believe that my best days are in front of me - not behind me.  

This coming weekend will be a quiet one.  I want to go see "Gravity" in IMAX 3D.  I plan to get to the gym.  I may get together with a friend for dinner.  I want to go shooting.  I can't imagine having a weekend happen - and not having at least a couple of things that I want to do.  Since I'm not traveling this weekend - well, I consider that to be a quiet one.

We're in for some significant "weather" over the next 48 hours.  A tornado warning just came onto the TV.  They said there's 3-inch hail.  If that hail finds its way to my truck Ima freak out.  We've had some very warm days recently and the Weather Channel is calling for some major changes.

I'm in the red area.  Sigh...  I hope the red is just for weather - not for life as well.  I'd rather not deal with stormy weather right now although I suppose in each life some rain must fall.

A couple of friends are in the relatively early stages of their transitions, and are dealing with the incredible highs and lows many of us experience during this profound time.  This includes you, Sophie.  I remember those days, and I thank God that I'm long past that stage in my own journey.

It reminds me, though, of a quotation that meant a lot to me.  It's by Amelia Earhart, of all people.  People often use only the first part of this.....I find the entire thing is worthwhile.

“Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace,
The soul that knows it not, knows no release,
From little things;
Knows not the livid loneliness of fear
Nor mountain heights where bitter joy can hear
The sound of wings.”

Anyway.  That's enough for tonight.  Time for bed.  Tomorrow is Friday!!

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Sophie Lynne said...

Wow- a shout out from Donna! :D

Thanks for sharing that quote. I'd never read it. Now I printed it and taped it to the side of my computer monitor.

As i wrote to you privately, your blog provides me a sense that everything CAN turn out for the best.

I'm in the middle of the whirlwind- and when in the middle of the whirlwind it's impossible to tell which direction the storm is taking. I have to wait for the storm to pass, and pray that my life will give me some semblance of peace when this is all over.