Monday, December 13, 2010


This seems to be a time of year for lists.  What do buy.  Who to buy for.  Stuff to do.  Stuff to get done.  Year end "10 Best Of" Lists.  Lists lists lists.  Well, I have my own list to share.

The NY Times ran a story last week that touted 2010 as "The Year of the Transsexual".  Why?  Because it has been a transformative year in a number of ways.  Looking back over the year there have been a number of significant stories and efforts for/about/involving trans people.  Some of them happen loudly while others of them happen quietly.  Off the top of my head these are one casual observer's thoughts about the Top 10 Stories/Events in the Trans World over the past year.

1.    Changes to the Rules for changing the Gender Marker on Passports
2.    Transgender Athletes
3.    The Nikki Araguz situation in Texas
4.    Changes to the Corporate Equality Index that will require Workplaces to remove ALL trans-related exclusions from at least one wellness plan.
5.    Amanda Simpson goes to Washington DC as Presidential appointee.
6.    Teen bullying / It Gets Better
7.    End of an era: IFGE Cancels its 2011 Conference (click on the link to see what happens)
8.    End of another era: Marci Bowers leaves Trinidad, CO
9.    Increasing visibility in mainstream media
10.  Despite initial promise, Inclusive ENDA goes nowhere

I'm sure there are others.  But these are ten that immediately come to mind.

Talking about the passage of time, I was talking with my ex- tonight.  Twenty-five years ago this evening we were doing a test run from our house to the hospital as we approached the delivery date for our son.  He was born less than a week later.  It's hard to believe the my son - my little boy - will be a quarter century old in just a few days.  I'll see him to celebrate with him in person next week.

Time waits for no one....

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