Friday, December 10, 2010

Typically Atypical

It's Friday!  Woo Hoo.  As I look out my window on the 25 degree weather and the Susquehanna River I notice how different cold water looks when it's flowing than warmer water.  I'm told that the river will freeze over at some point and the glassy sheen on the surface makes it look like it's already on the way.  I'll know we're really in trouble when I see an iceberg float by.

Today ends my 6th week on the job.  I often marvel on how fast time seems to be passing but in this instance I've got to admit that it seems like I've been here for much longer than that. That's not a bad thing - it's just that I've packed a lot into a fairly short period of time.  I'm still very much enjoying things and I look forward to going into work every morning so as far as I'm concerned that's the main thing.

Sometimes people ask me what my job entails on a day by day basis.  This is a big change from the cubicle, structured, "corporate" world that I was used to.  My days go from early until late evening - last night there was a Central PA Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Mixer, tonight there is a Youth Holiday mixer, tomorrow night I'm talking at the TransCentralPA monthly meeting.

No two days are the same.  Yesterday included follow-up work to a planning meeting for our Fall Banquet.  I spoke with a guidance counsellor who called to ask for resources for a student in his school who identifies as trans.  I drove to York - about an hour from here - to meet with some people about an event we're planning for February.  I had to deal with the post office about our non-profit mailing permit.    I'm working on our budget and on Program Plan for 2011 and beyond.

Today is more of the same.  I've got a grant writer coming in to talk this morning.  We've got a Technology Committee meeting over lunch.  And the list goes on...

But I enjoy it.  I do.  And I finally feel as though I'm pretty much ready to hit my stride.  Anyway - all good there.

In all of this I'm still carving out some "me" time.  I find a way to get to the fitness center 3 or 4 times a week.  That's a key component to my sense of balance so it's got to be a priority.

I really don't want to get into details right now but I'll share that I'm proud of my sport.  I'm proud of wrestling.  When people ask me what about the sport attracts me the bottom line is that it's all about the people.  It truly is a community, and my experience is that for the most part the connections are based on your heart, your dedication, and your motivation more than ability or age or other less important details.  I've found resources that are nearby where I may be able to train next year and I'm thrilled...

Yesterday was the equivalent of a slaughter for our President.  Between the collapse of the negotiated tax deal because his own party refused to consider it, the failure of the effort to end "Don't Ask Don't Tell", and the failure of the "Dream Act" to move - it was a mess.  I hate to say it but what it says is that the next couple of years are going to be a stalemate of gridlock.  It's not going to be pretty.  Where did the promise of two years ago go?  Well, it's gone now.

I've gotten email from all the various LGBT organizations about what happened (and didn't, and why) yesterday but my favorite is from GetEqual (read it here).  That about sums it up.  Ineffective leadership opens the door to chaos and that's what's going on.  We've moved from a situation where some are happy and some are not to one where everyone is unhappy.  Not good.  Scary, even.

All that said - next weekend I'll be heading to DC for a White House Holiday event.  I went last year and it was a blast.  I don't know if they're having the same kind of thing this year but there's a time to set aside the daily travails and to celebrate the sentiments of the Season.  I'm looking forward to it.  A special someone is coming into town to attend with me which makes it doubly exciting...

Well, gotta go.  So much going on.  But ya know,  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

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