Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas 2010

I've had some "interesting" Christmases in recent years.  One year I started editing some video and found that the day passed in a blink before I knew it.  There have been a few years where I've been recovering from this or that - I refer to one year in particular as the "Lost" Christmas because I don't remember anything from that week.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind NOT remembering yesterday.  It was a grueling, up and down, one step forward two steps back kind of a day that didn't end until well after midnight.  It didn't have anything to do with romantic notions of families gathered around a table or a fire, or kids waking early to get down to the Christmas tree to see if Santa had visited, or with the religious aspects of the day.  I negotiated with the airlines to try to get to the East Coast ahead of the winter storm and found myself involved in a day that tested patience, creativity, luck, trust, and resolve.  I found myself routed and re-routed to avoid Atlanta, first through Miami and later through Charlotte.  I got on planes only to be told that the plane was broken and then filing off again.  Not once - but twice.  I sat on a plane for almost two hours before we left the gate to be de-iced.  In North Carolina, of all places.  It was stressful, taxing, frustrating, but ultimately what I'll remember is being greeted by a smiling face that made it all worth it.

I won't have much to say on things over the next few days as I've made a point of keeping certain aspects of my life private.  But I've started my annual purge - of things and people in my life.  I culled the contact list on my phone - including my ex-.  I'm doing some personal end-of-year cleaning of things that seem to pile up all year long.

One thing that kept me sane yesterday was editing some of the photos that I scanned when I was visiting my mom.  I scanned a few dozen photos of my son, of me, of my wedding, of my family - it was a much needed walk down memory lane to keep myself from getting too wrapped up in the events of the day.

I may make a slideshow of some of them.  We'll see.

For now, I'm enjoying my time here.  Today was much more like traditional Christmas for me.  It was worth the trip.  :)

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