Saturday, March 5, 2011


The article in the NY Times on a friend's workplace transition was published online today, and will appear in the print version tomorrow (read it here).  Congratulations to Brittany for sharing her story in such a positive way.  Part of the beauty is that Brittany could very well have kept all that to herself - she didn't need or seek out that exposure.  But when the opportunity to help others presented itself she stepped forward and make no doubt about it - that's why she agreed to do it.  The author of the article wrote to me afterwards and told me how proud she was of Brittany wanting to help.  Same here.

I am the "Diversity Trainer" that they mention in the story.  Brittany's management team and I planned for a month before the first training, and it was several weeks before the second one.  (She writes a bit about it in her blog).  Everyone did a wonderful job of doing things right.  That is, there's no one right way, and there are certainly lots and lots of wrong ways, but in this case things were well planned, well executed, proactive, and the outcome continues to speak itself.

The Capitol building glows against drama skies today
I've had quite the pleasant "down" day.  I went to work briefly, and went to the fitness center.  I took the pups for a nice long walk along the river on a warm but storm cloud filled afternoon.  I also finally updated my website the the newest version.  It's the first major facelift I've done to it in years, and I've got a number of things left to do, but I'm glad to finally have an "upgrade".

In other news that deserves more space than I'm willing give right now, I'm dun.  I just am.  I realize that won't have much relevance to anyone without context but that will come in time. It's like a number of things in life - although you may know it in hour head it somehow seems more "real" when you actually say it.

A friend called to say that Dr. Peter Raphael in Dallas will start doing SRS at his practice there.  According to her he's willing to discount the first 10 surgeries by doing them for half-price before bumping up to the $20K area.   She scheduled with him and is getting ready to go there soon so I'll share any additional information I receive from her.

I made a delicious white pizza for dinner tonight.  I use a small Boboli crust, some olive oil and garlic salt, toppings of chopped tomato and mushrooms, and some feta and mozzarella cheese.  Yummmm.  A friend is stopping by in a while and we're going to watch "It's Complicated".  Unless I fall asleep first.  All this fresh air today has made me tired....

As for March.  Spring - we're expecting 2 inches of soaking rain tonight and tomorrow.   Warm days and cool days.  March Madness - go 'Cuse!  And change.


Melissa said...

Thank you so much for helping Brittany transition on her job. I know that she truly appreciates the help you gave her!

Melissa XX

Just Diana said...

Similar to Brittany, I'm also a career fed (FAA). My 1993, on-the-job transition went smoothly and without any significant problems/issues.

Would like to wish her all the best! It was one heck of a ride to get "here," but totally worthwhile after everything's said and done!

Sincerely yours,