Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Full Plate

I think I passed out last night.

I don't mean that in a medical sense, or in some sort of a drunken stupor kind of sense.  I had been up and going for 21+ hours and the last thing I remember was beginning to type a text message that never got sent.  I fell asleep in mix-text.

Yesterday was another of those crazy kinds of go-go-go days for me.  I decided on Friday to take a weekend break.  I needed some "soul" food after the craziness of the last couple of weeks.  I wrote an introspective sort of "good-bye" note that was posted to the website of the local LGBT Paper here (read my thoughts here), I finished up some last minute things (a grant proposal, some other stuff), and I made a mad dash for the ocean.

The ocean is a source of unexplainable energy for me.  By Saturday I had driven almost 700 miles to get to where I wanted to be, I made my way to the beach, and I stood with my feet in the surf, the warm sun on my face, the gentle breezes gently caressing my skin, taking deep purposeful breaths to soak in as much of the energy as I could - it was truly magical.  It was worth traveling 700, or even 7000, miles to experience.  And given everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks (my job, my mom's health, my own health - etc.) it was the perfect opportunity to put all that aside and simply cleanse.  It's a shame we don't take enought time to do that in our daily lives on a more regular basis, but perhaps is just because of that that makes these kinds of opportunities so special.

Saturday night we went to the beach to watch the full "Super Moon" rise over the Atlantic.   It was pretty amazing for a number of reasons.

The entire deeper meaning of spring as rebirth has never had deeper meaning for me than it does right now.  Long story short - it was a magical couple of days not for any particular event, thing, person, or reason.  Just because it was much needed, and it was EXACTLY what I needed at exactly the right time.

Of course, there's always a need to pay the piper and that happened yesterday.  I was up at 2am, on the road by 2:30, the long drive seems even longer when it's dark outside so daylight couldn't come fast enough.  I arrived in Harrisburg at 1pm, I had the dogs to the vets for a check-up by 1:30 (both are healthy!!), I got to the airport to drop off my rental car by 5, I had a get together with a friend from 5-7, I spoke at a local PFLAG Meeting until 9:30, I finally got home shortly after 10, and the last thing I remember was getting in my pajamas, slipping into bed, and starting to write a text.  I had been awake and on the go for 21+ hours and apparently my body was ready to shut down for some rest.  So it did.

I've seen a number of people talking on a number of trans issues.  People are taking sides on some legislation in Maryland (HB 235) that does not include protections for Public Accommodations (read one entry here).  Apparently there is a trans character in a network TV episode tonight and there is some disappointment that the character is not being played by someone who's actually trans (read one take on it here).  I'm not going to wade into either subject right now other than to share that this stuff is going on....

I went to the IFGE.org website to see what's going on with them them and was a little surprised to see that it's down.  Or at least, it's not working.  I'm wondering if that's a temporary glitch, or an indication of what's going on behind the scenes.  Their conference this year is canceled, and I'm still waiting for someone to explain me what relevance they have right now, or what their mission is at the moment, or why anyone should care.  If you've got something on any of those topics feel free to share - I'm all ears.

I haven't heard boo about NCTE's Lobby Day in Washington DC last week and I don't know if that's because that I'm more out of the loop than I used to be with that kind of thing or that there just hasn't been much "boo" to talk about.  Typically there is a follow-up email blast from NCTE indicating how many people showed up, has some sort of a photo of everyone standing on the Capitol steps, and that kind of thing.  I haven't seen that yet.  If anyone has anything to share on that front, feel free to send that along as well.  I did find a blog entry about it, but not much else.

I've got some significant decisions to make over the next few months, but I'm not in a hurry.  I'd rather make good decisions than fast ones.  I also find that when you open yourself to opportunity they make themselves available in unique and interesting ways rather than simply trying to manage things.  Anyway - lots going on.  Just need to see what's real, what's possible, what's necessary, and what's next.

* * *

I've gotten a couple of interesting emails recently.  One if from a producer casting for a series on Lifetime about Weddings.  Part of her email:
The series follows couples who are in unique situations or compelling lifestyles.

For this particular episode, we are looking for a couple where one or both are transgender. Our subjects would be either getting married very soon, or willing to push up their date and get married in the next few months. We follow the couple on the days leading up to the wedding, and of course, on their big day. We would also follow the couple to highlight their challenges/uniqueness in preparation for their wedding day. Our goal is to highlight compelling lifestyles and to expose our viewers to various situations.

If you know anyone who might be interested or who would want more information please ask them to contact me.  As for me - no wedding in the near future.

* * *

For those who might be interested in doing a workshop at SCC, they've send out a note asking for proposals:
Welcome to the 2011 Southern Comfort Conference seminar proposal process! Each year you help make this the premier transgender conference in the US and perhaps the world.

We will be in the same hotel for the conference as last year and the presentation facilities are excellent. The planning process for the 2011 conference has begun and our presenters are a crucial part of the success of Southern Comfort. Each year we make the difficult decisions of presenter selection, scheduling and to try and provide our attendees with the most up to date information regarding issues affecting our community. Every year we strive for varied and different topics that will meet the needs of our audience.

If you would like to submit a seminar proposal go to: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DVP99NV

Should you need additional assistance please contact me at lida@sccatl.org

In order for us to complete all preparations for the conference and meet various publication deadlines, your submission is due by MAY 15, 2010. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.
* * *

People sometimes send me "interesting" email or leave comments on some of the videos I've got on YouTube. Sometimes they're worth sharing a taste here. Like this one:
transsexual are a cosnspiracy against men i hope the get aids
the are satanic faggots
Wow. Someone actually took the time and energy to write that?  Jeez.  I've been called lots of things but I've got to admit that a "conspiracy against men" is a new one.  One of the videos - it has nothing to do with trans anything - has over 235,000 views!  Crazy....

* * *

Anyway - lots going on.  As always.  I had a wonderful group come to listen at the local PFLAG Meeting last night.  I speak at Shippensburg University tonight.  I drove almost 1,500 miles over the weekend, and there is more travel on the horizon.  Good thing I'm feeling pretty good.  :)

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