Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Wednesday.

No word on the sonogram results from Monday yet.  The doctor wasn't in the office today so the next day I can hear anything will be on Thursday.  I'm really not losing sleep over it - I've learned over the years not to worry too much about things you can't change.  My mom is doing enough worrying for the both of us.

Today wasn't much fun.  I drove the 260 miles to Rochester, and then back again - the return trip mostly in rain and snow.  I sat in my dentist's chair for 2 hours for some major drilling.  Yuck.  I've gone to the same dentist for the past 25 years so he knows my mouth.  I trust him, and I like the way he makes decisions and recommendations.  I've needed a number of things done for a while now so today was the day.  We're not quite done, either.  I've got a follow-up visit scheduled for later in the months.

As I type this I'm watching the Big 10 Wrestling Championships.  Next weekend the NCAA Div. 1 Wrestling Championships are being held in Philadelphia and as much as I'd enjoy going to watch both the cost and the time are things I can't justify right now.  Anyway - these are some pretty amazing athletes....

Here's a disgusting and disturbing story.  A trans woman in Arkansas was killed and dragged under a car (details here).  It makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

And here's another disturbing take.  The same way that discrimination protections in this country always seem to get twisted into an argument about bathrooms, a recent ruling in the UK acknowledging some of the unique needs of transsexual inmates gets twisted into the sensational headline "Inmates allowed padded bras".  Gimme a frickin' break....

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