Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gone Baby Gone

I watched a movie tonight.  It came from Netflix.

I have no recollection of ordering it.  It showed up in the mailbox a few days ago and I honestly had no idea what it was.  Now that I've watched it - it's almost like someone with knowledge of a bigger picture of things thought I should see it and somehow made it show up here.

The movie is "Gone Baby Gone".  I've never even heard of it before.  It was directed by Ben Affleck and has a great cast - Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman,

It's a haunting story that has so many under-plots that it'll have me thinking for days.  But the one over-riding theme that came thru loud and clear to me is all about doing the "right" thing.  Is there a right thing?  What if the right thing is really the wrong thing done for the right reasons?

This movie affected me as someone who likes to think they're a good person.  It affected me as a parent, and I think parents will feel this movie the strongest.

I don't want to give away too much, so I'll end this little review by saying it's a movie I'll most likely watch again.  I know I'll think about it for a while.  And, frankly, it's one of those movies that I think I enjoy most because it reinforces that there are no easy answers, and it forces you to think about difficult things.

At the end you can't help but ask yourself if the ending is a happy one.  And, like the word "right" the word "happy" becomes a subjective one as well.

Anyway - however the movie ended up here whether it be luck, purpose, or mistake - Thank you.

It was a cold, rainy, raw, nasty, ugly day here today.  Yuck.  It's a stark difference to the sunshine and the warmth and the ocean of the weekend, and that other parts of the country enjoyed today.  But even though it's after midnight I bundled up and took the dog for a walk because they've been pretty cooped up for most of the day.  It's one of many ways my life has changed since my pups arrived a month ago.

The next weeks are full of logistic challenges centered around days and events where I have to be somewhere doing something.  For example, I need to be in Rochester NY on Sunday and Monday to celebrate my niece's 20th birthday party, and to go to the dentist before my dental insurance runs out.

On Tuesday I need to be in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday I agreed to be a judge panelist on a local event titled "Best and Brightest" that selects 20 local high school students to be honored.  It's apparently a big deal around here - an entire section of the paper is devoted to it, and I'm honored to be asked to be a judge even though I'm no longer officially related to any local organization.

Thursday I need to hit the road on a trip that'll last thru Sunday.  And I expect to head to Phoenix for a few days.  I need to be back in Harrisburg by April 8 to attend the Rush conference here that night.  My brother and I have great tickets and I can't wait.

Even at all this - I feel like I'm being rushed on a number of things I'd prefer not to be rushed on.  The point of all that, I guess, is that I don't see any reason to hurry some of this stuff and so it is becoming quite the logistical nightmare.

I wish I had more to share about bigger picture stuff, but all I've got tonight is the fact that I had a few good phone conversations, I went to the fitness center for a TOUGH workout, and I watched my Netflix movie.  It feels as though it has been a pretty busty day.

Now- time for bed.

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F. J. said...

No, no, Donna. As a native Philadelphian, I think you meant to say "On Thursday, I have the privilege of being in Philadelphia." Isn't that what you meant?